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    RCM Numismatic Silver Coins

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    2016 1 oz Proof Canadian Silver Royal Tour Coin (Box + CoA)
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    2017 1 oz Proof Canadian Silver Snow-Covered Trees Coin (Box)
    As Low As: $124.99
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    2017 1 oz Proof Canadian Silver Pearl Flowers Coin (Box + CoA)
    As Low As: $99.99
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    Canadian Numismatic Silver Coins

    The Royal Canadian Mint is a well-known facility that has produced high-quality bullion and coins for more than a century. Its longstanding history makes it a reliable choice for high-quality products. This mint is also known as a pioneer in innovative minting processes, giving it a diverse line of coins that includes many standout features.

    About the Royal Canadian Mint

    The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) struck its first coin in 1908 at the Ottawa branch. Three years later, the mint's refinery was completed. In its first year of operation, the Ottawa Mint produced more than 256,000 gold sovereigns. The Royal Canadian Mint has a long and distinguished history. It has produced many firsts over the century since it first opened, including the first colored coin, first hologram coin, first square coin, and first 5 oz .9999-fine silver coin.

    The iconic Gold Maple Leaf coin that the mint is so famous for today was first struck in 1979 as part of a three-year program. In 1981, Parliament authorized continuing production of the popular coin. In 2007, the Royal Canadian Mint earned a place in the Guinness World Records for having produced the largest coin in the world. The $1 million gold bullion coin weighed in at 100 kg. In 2009, the Royal Canadian Mint produced all 615 of the gold, silver, and bronze medals awarded in the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games.

    The Royal Canadian Mint's Services

    The Royal Canadian Mint offers many services today and also produces gold and silver bars, wafers, and custom products. It has the capacity to produce as many as two billion circulation coins or blanks each year for foreign governments. It produces dies, die coatings, and master punches, as well. The mint also offers Vault storage and assay services.

    Popular Canadian Numismatic Series

    The Royal Canadian Mint produced several popular series in its line of numismatic silver coins. The Silver Maple Leaf coin is one of the most popular products in this line. Struck from .9999 pure silver, the patriotic coin is an excellent value. It features a detailed maple leaf design with purity marks on either side. The obverse of the coin features Queen Elizabeth II. The coin features a radial finish that makes it seem almost to glow. For security purposes, each coin has a micro-engraved laser mark within the leaf design.

    The Royal Canadian Mint's “”Birds of Prey”” series is another popular choice for collectors. Coins in this series feature beautiful birds on 1 oz silver pieces. This is a follow-up to the Canadian Wildlife Series. Over two years, four different designs will be released. Mintage is limited, making these coins an excellent choice for collectors who want to add a rare design to their collections.

    Many of the most stunning coins from the Royal Canadian Mint feature additional design elements, such as color. For example, the Maple Leaf Forever silver coin features a red leaf and a green leaf hand-painted on each coin. The translucent paint enamel allows the viewer to see the fine detailing beneath the color so that none of the coin's elegant design is lost. In fact, it is enhanced greatly by the unexpected pop of color.

    Why Buyers Love Numismatic Silver Coins from the RCM

    The Royal Canadian Mint is well-known as a producer of fine metals, making it a reliable choice for numismatic silver coins. This mint has pioneered many different types of coin productions including coin coloring with plasma technology. Buyers who are looking for something original to add to their collections can nearly always find a piece that will suit their needs from this mint's collection. With advanced security features built into many of its products, the Royal Canadian Mint is able to offer reliability and peace of mind.

    Buying Canadian Numismatic Silver Coins

    Popular coins such as the Silver Maple Leaf are readily available from the Royal Canadian Mint. You can buy these coins through, ensuring quality, quick shipment, excellent customer service, and a good price. Canadian numismatic silver coins are a smart choice because they are valuable both for their detailed design and their silver content. They add value to an investment portfolio while adding artistic flair to any coin collection.

    The intricate designs on collector coins typically give them more value than just the face value of the silver contained in each coin. For example, the $250 1 kilo Maple Leaf Forever silver coin actually retails for nearly ten times that much.

    If you're looking for a stunning option to diversify your portfolio or add to your numismatic coin collection, shop the quality Canadian numismatic silver coins available from JM Bullion.