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    Perth Mint Proof Silver Coins

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    Perth Mint Proof Silver Coins at JM Bullion

    While Perth Mint has authority to produce circulating coins for the Commonwealth of Australia, it specializes in creating numismatic coins for collectors. Perth Mint excels at making coin collections with exceptional relief and color. This often adds to their values while making them attractive additions to any collection.

    Perth tends to mint its numismatic coins in 1/2 ounce and 1 ounce sizes. It occasionally produces 1 kilo coins, too, to attract collectors willing to spend more money on larger designs that contain more silver.

    History of The Perth Mint

    Perth Mint was founded as one of three Australian mints dedicated to refining precious metals and minting currency for the British Empire. Today, the Perth Mint is the only remaining mint from the three original branches of the Royal Mint, making it the oldest mint in Australia. After Australia gained independence in 1901, Perth Mint continued pressing coins for the British government. It didn't fall under authority of the Government of Western Australia until 1970, although it did process low denomination coins for Australia while run by the British.

    Perth Mint still stamps a variety of currency for the Australian government. The mint's popularity, however, comes from its highly desirable numismatic coins and bullion bars. Proof silver coins struck by Perth are 99.9 percent pure and have legal tender status, guaranteeing the coins' purity and weight by the Australian government. The actual value of its numismatic coins, however, is higher than the face value.

    Perth Mint gained considerable popularity in October 2011 when it stamped a 99.9 percent pure gold coin weighing 1,012 kg (2,231 lbs), setting world records in categories for most valuable, heaviest, and largest gold coin.

    Proof Silver Coins Made by Perth

    Proof silver coins are minted through a high-quality process that allows Perth to explore diverse designs. Coins often have mirrored or frosted surfaces. Many Perth Mint proof silver coins even have colorful designs that make them excellent collectibles. Perth makes several proof silver coin series. Some popular options include:

    • Australian Map Shaped Coin Series – A collection of five one ounce proof silver coins stamped in the shape of Australia with colorful images of native wildlife.
    • Australian Opal Series – A set of six one ounce silver proof coins decorated with Australian opal.
    • Australian Outback Colored Silver Coin Collection – A group of coins featuring color images of kangaroos, koalas, and kookaburras. Limited to 5,000 coins.
    • Endangered and Extinct – A series of one ounce silver coins started in 2012 that include images of endangered and extinct animals native to Australia, including the Tasmanian devil, green turtle, Tasmanian tiger, and Tasmanian wedge.
    • Australian Kookaburra, Koala, and Kangaroo Series – Individual sets of 1 ounce coins featuring images of animals associated with Australia. Perth Mint releases a new set annually.
    • Lunar Series – A collection of 1/2 ounce and 1 ounce coins celebrating Chinese astrological symbols including Year of the Goat, Year of the Snake, and Year of the Horse.
    • Lunar Calendar Series – A set of four one ounce rectangular coins.

    Perth Mint continues to design new proof silver coin series to attract collectors from all over the world. The mint's diverse collection makes it possible for beginners to purchase coins without spending large amounts of money.

    Why Collectors Buy Perth Mint Silver Coins

    Collectors have several good reasons to purchase Perth Mint silver coins. The mint has a reputation for producing 99.9 percent pure silver coins in a variety of sizes. This makes it possible for collectors to choose coins that fit their budgets without worrying that they will lose value. The mint also includes certificates with most of its products, guaranteeing that they are authentic proof silver coins instead of unofficial reproductions or counterfeits.

    Perth Mint's ability to create stunning designs also attracts collectors. Beginning and advanced collectors value the exceptional relief, artistic designs, and stunning colors that Perth Mint uses to make its coins stand out as some of the most collectible numismatic coins in the world.

    Perth also limits the mintages on some of its coins, making them more rare than others produced out there. Limited mintages prevent oversaturation in the market.

    Buying Perth Mint Proof Silver Coins

    While many Perth Mint proof silver coins are stamped with face values, collectors should expect to spend more than the amount printed on each coin. The 2013 1 oz Australian $5 Silver Pavo Proof Coin, for instance usually sells for over $100. Actual values vary according to collectibility, size, and the current price of silver. Popular coins minted in limited editions often sell at the highest prices regardless of what their face values state.

    Perth Mint's interesting designs and competitive rates make it a favorite among collectors. Anyone interested in starting or adding to a collection should purchase Perth Mint proof silver coins from