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    Perth Mint Silver Lunar Series 2

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    2012 1 oz Australian Lunar Dragon Silver Coin (BU)
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    2013 1 oz Australian Silver Lunar Snake Coin NGC MS69
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    2018 1 oz Australian Silver Lunar Dog Coin NGC MS70
    As Low As: $99.99
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    Perth Mint Lunar Series II Silver Coins

    Since 1999, the Australian Perth Mint has been celebrating each year of the Chinese Zodiac by minting a new coin in their Lunar Silver Coins series. These beautiful coins depict zodiac animals and are crafted from only the finest quality silver which collectors have come to expect from the Perth Mint.

    Lunar Silver Coins

    Perth Mint Lunar Silver Coins come from the Australian Perth Mint. Beginning in 1999, the Perth Mint began minting a series of silver bullion coins, with each year focusing on the corresponding year of the Chinese Zodiac. The first series began with the rabbit and ended in 2010 with the tiger. Due to the extreme success of the first series, the Australian mint began a second series in 2008 with the Year of the Mouse.

    All silver coins from the Lunar Series are made from .999 pure silver. Coins from the Lunar Series II are available in a range of sizes, as well. They are available in half an ounce, one ounce, two ounce, five ounce, ten ounce, and one kilo in most cases. The Perth Mint only offers certain sizes depending on the design and year.

    Lunar Year Designs

    Designs for the Perth Mint’s Lunar Silver Coins change each year corresponding with that year’s Chinese Zodiac animal. Being that the Chinese Zodiac calendar is 12 years long, there are 12 coin designs in each Lunar coin series. When series II is finished, 12 total animal themes will be available with a total of 24 different designs.

    The obverse of each coin in the series features an image of Queen Elizabeth II as depicted in Ian Rank-Broadley’s portrait design. This side is also stamped with the mint year. The reverse of each coin shows a beautiful design of each Zodiac animal, along with the animal, the year, and the Perth Mint mark. Each reverse design also depicts the Chinese character for the corresponding animal, as well. Silver coins are also available in colored and gilded designs, with the Zodiac animal specially treated for an even more unique design.

    Different designers have created the images shown on the reverse of the coins. For the 2015 Year of the Goat, artist Natasha Muhl, who has designed many coins for the Perth Mint, designed the detailed image of a family of grazing goats. Another artist who has done many Perth Mint coin designs, Tom Vaughan, designed the 2014 Year of the Horse coin reverse, and the 2013 snake design was created by Australian designer Ing Ing Jong.

    Buying Lunar Silver Coins and Series Availability

    These coins are rare in certain weights, with very limited mintages produced for some designs. For example, certain sizes of the 2015 Year of the Goat coins have extremely limited availability. Only 500 1 kilo coins will be released worldwide, according to the Perth Mint. These coins’ limited availability makes them fantastic investment opportunities for collectors.

    Series I coins, especially the earliest years, are the most rare, and the larger sizes had lower mintages. Finding certain sizes, like the 10 ounce, can prove more difficult than the more readily available smaller sizes, which had larger mintages.

    Smaller sizes of series II coins tend to be released with larger mintages. For example, the one-ounce size of the 2014 Year of the Horse silver coin had a mintage limit of 300,000. Once the year is over, they aren’t minted again which still makes them fantastic collector’s items. Many avid collectors of these coins order them the year they’re minted because in the past several years the Perth Mint has been minting to order, rather than declaring a certain number available.

    Because of the wide range of designs and selection, these coins are great additions to collections. You might want to collect a certain size from each year, or simply invest in the coins that correspond with your birth year’s zodiac animal. Though the coins are worth Australian cent and dollar amounts and can be used as currency, they are almost always available in uncirculated condition, because of their status and creation as a collector’s item and are worth much more than their denomination when bought or sold as silver bullion and collectibles.

    Let be your source for Perth Mint Lunar Silver Coins, and find the exact weight and design you’re looking to add to your collection. These silver coins are a good investment and a beautiful addition to any coin collection with their striking designs that change from year to year. Find your favorite and start snapping up these great coins today!