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    Burnished Silver Eagles

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    Burnished Silver Eagles Available at JM Bullion

    The most popular coin series from the United States Mint just happens to be the world’s most popular silver bullion coin as well. American Silver Eagle coins are struck each year based upon demand from numismatics, and if 2014 is any indication, demand is reaching all-new levels for this stunning silver coin. A record 44 million coins were produced in 2014 across all mintage types. Among those coins is the Burnished American Silver Eagle, a special-edition coin with a unique finish and beauty.

    Introduction to American Silver Eagle Coins

    Congress authorized production of American Silver Eagle coins following passage of the Liberty Coin Act of 1985. The American Silver Eagle was introduced in the same year as its gold counterpart, the American Gold Eagle. Though the coins feature different designs on the obverse and reverse, the motif is the same, that of Lady Liberty and the bald eagle. The design featured on the Silver American Eagle is the same from year to year.

    Unlike its gold counterpart, the American Silver Eagle is only struck in a 1 oz weight. Each year, the United States Mint produces the coins using .999 fine silver. All of the coins have a face value of $1. Under US law, all American Silver Eagle coins must be produced using silver sourced from within the country. An extension granted to the program by Congress in 2002 did authorize the Treasury Department to seek out additional silver stores to extend the program into the future, but the coins must still be struck using silver found within the US.

    Although the Philadelphia Mint, San Francisco Mint, and West Point Mint all participate in production of the coins, it is the West Point Mint alone that bears responsibility for striking Burnished American Silver Eagle coins.

    About Burnished American Silver Eagles

    When the American Silver Eagle was first introduced in 1986, it was struck only in bullion and proof. The Burnished American Silver Eagle coin was not introduced to the series until 2006. Also known as uncirculated or burnished uncirculated coins, the Burnished American Silver Eagle was produced between 2006 and 2008, with a two-year hiatus in 2009 and 2010, before minting resumed in 2011.

    Mintage levels for the burnished coins have remained quite low in comparison to the bullion and proof coins in the series, however there are a still a significant number produced each year when compared to other sovereign silver coin programs. When the burnished coin was introduced in 2006, a total of 466,573 coins were struck. In 2011, the coin’s return was met with a high mintage of more than 500,000 coins. In recent years, production has dwindled to roughly 200,000.

    The US Mint’s Burnished American Silver Eagle coin program uses specially burnished blanks, known as planchets, in the minting process. The dies used in the minting process are not burnished, but rather, the blanks that American Silver Eagles are struck on are burnished before each one is struck with the die. As a result of the burnishing process, these American Silver Eagle coins have a smooth, matte-like finish. All Burnished American Silver Eagle coins are struck at the West Point Mint, and each one bears a “W” mint mark as a result.

    Availability of Burnished American Silver Eagles

    Given these coins are part of the world’s most popular coin series, and are struck in low mintage levels, the supply of Burnished American Silver Eagle coins does not last long. JM Bullion proudly offers burnished coins from this series struck in every year available, but our inventory shifts from time to time, impacting the availability of certain years. One of the most difficult coins to find is 2011-S burnished coin which was produced at the San Francisco Mint. This coin was struck for distribution as part of the US Mint’s American Eagle 25th Anniversary Silver Coin Set.

    Purchasing Burnished American Silver Eagles from JM Bullion

    When you purchase Burnished American Silver Eagle coins from JM Bullion we protect your investment from start to finish. All shipments are packaged in discreet boxes so the contents are not discernible during delivery. All orders over $199 ship free of charge and fully insured while in transit. Last but not least, more than 90% of orders are filled and shipped on the same day or the next business day.

    We encourage our customers to ask questions whenever they arise. If you want to speak directly to a JM Bullion associate, you can contact us at 800-276-6508, connect with us online using our live web chat, or send us an email.