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    20 Gram Geiger Square Silver Bar (New)
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    20 Gram Silver Bullion

    Twenty gram silver products may be a good option for new investors or for those on a very tight budget. Twenty grams is less than a single ounce, with 20 grams equating to about .705 ounces. There are some 20 gram silver coins on the market and you may even find some 20 gram silver rounds. In this smaller weight size, however, the primary product one may look at is the 20 gram silver bar.

    These smaller silver bars are produced by various fabricators and refiners such as Pamp Suisse and Credit Suisse. These bars should be produced with .999 percent fine silver.

    Bars of this size have some pros and cons. Because the 20 gram silver bar is smaller than the very popular 1 oz silver bar, they are not purchased as often. Being smaller, these bars also contain less physical silver bullion. This smaller amount of silver in a bar that has similar production costs to larger bars may equate to larger overall premiums. If you are looking to get the best value for your precious metals investment dollars, you may want to consider larger silver bars with smaller per-ounce costs.

    On the other hand, the 20 gram silver bar may potentially open the door to silver investing for those with little capital to invest. Even those with lower incomes or investable capital can possibly find a way to purchase these small silver bars on a regular basis. Of course, that could change if silver prices rise but at current price levels these bars can be purchased for under $20.

    One other potential benefit of these smaller silver bars is their ease of barter and smaller value. If a crises were to come along, and if you had to exchange silver for food, gas or other necessities, having smaller bars may be more practical (Just as carrying smaller currency bills is also more practical).


    Twenty gram silver bars are likely to be found at most brick and mortar bullion shops as well as at online precious metals dealers. These bars may have a smaller collection to choose from, however, compared to more popular 1 oz silver bars.


    Due to their small size, 20 gram silver bars are conveniently stored in a home safe, bank safe deposit boxes or in secret and/or hidden locations. These bars may be stackable and many can be stored in a small amount of space.


    If you ever decide to sell your 20 gram silver bars, the money you get for them will be determined by the current spot silver price. You may, however, receive less than the spot silver price when you sell. This is due to the dealer premium. Dealers typically sell silver products for a premium over the spot silver price and typically buy silver products at a discount to the spot silver price.

    The 20 gram silver bar is one of the smallest silver products available on the market. While these smaller silver bars can make it easier for some to begin acquiring physical silver bullion, they also have some drawbacks including higher per-ounce costs. If you can afford larger bars, even just 1 oz. bars, you may potentially save yourself some money and get more actual silver for your dollar.