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    Silver by Weight

    Silver Bullion By Weight

    Just as investors can diversify a portfolio of funds in the modern stock market by investing in bonds, mutual funds, and other stocks, it is also possible for precious metals investors to diversify their holdings by purchasing silver products in different weights. There are a variety of silver bars, rounds, and bullion coins available today on JM Bullion.

    1 oz Silver Products

    The most popular silver bars, rounds, and bullion coins in the world are those in the 1 oz weight. These products are so popular because they offer the best combination of affordable pricing and flexible storage. You can further enhance the affordability of 1 oz silver products by opting to invest in 1 oz silver rounds. With no face value and production by private mints, silver rounds are often available at much lower premiums over the spot price of silver.

    There are countless options available in the marketplace when it comes to 1 oz Silver Products, but the most coveted include the following:

    • American Silver Eagle: Available only in 1 oz and serving as the official sovereign silver coin of the United States, these coins feature a face value of $1 (USD), a silver content of .999 purity, and iconic images including the Walking Liberty design from Adolph A. Weinman.
    • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf: Introduced in 1988, the sovereign silver coin of Canada bears a sugar maple leaf on the reverse and the right-profile portrait of England’s Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. Each coin features .9999 pure silver and has a face value of $5 (CAD).
    • Chinese Silver Panda: An increasingly popular sovereign coin, these products feature new designs on the obverse side each year. Struck at the Chinese Mint, these coins have a face value of ¥10 and contain a silver content of .999 pure silver.
    • PAMP Suisse 1 oz Fortuna Bars: Arguably the most popular 1 oz Silver Bar in the world, this product from PAMP Suisse has an obverse design featuring the Roman goddess of luck and fortune, Fortuna. Each bar includes .999 pure silver and has a verified 1 troy oz weight.
    • PAMP Suisse Lunar Bars: Struck over multiple years and featuring different designs, these bars include obverse images representing the 12 animals on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. PAMP Suisse uses a front-and-back design that displays one scene on the front and the backside of that same design on the reverse.
    • Australian Sovereigns: The Perth Mint now strikes three major bullion coin programs. The Australian Silver Kookaburra was introduced in 1990, followed by the Australian Koala in 2007, and the Australian Kangaroo in 2016. While the former two feature .999 pure silver, the Australian Silver Kangaroo is the first sovereign bullion coin from Perth Mint to use .9999 pure silver.

    Countless other refineries around the globe, from the Great American Mint in California to Geiger Edelmetalle of Germany and Valcambi Suisse of Switzerland strike 1 oz bars, rounds, and coins. You’ll find plenty of options when you look to invest in 1 oz Silver Products.

    2 oz Silver Products

    When you shop silver for sale, you’ll find there is a growing variety of silver bullion in various weights. While 1 oz, 10 oz, and 1 kilo silver bullion products remain the first choice among many investors and collectors, 2 oz silver offers a unique option in both collectible and investment-grade silver. Coins are growing the fastest in this weight range as private mint collections look to set themselves apart from sovereign coin collections. Examples of 2 oz silver bullion include the following programs:

    • Atlantis Mint bars: A private American refinery, the Atlantis Mint excels at the production of hand-poured silver bars. Its trademark design elements include the use of skull-and-crossbones imagery. Two major examples that Atlantis Mint regularly produces are the hand-poured silver bar with three skull-and-crossbones designs at the bottom and the weight, metal content, and purity included. For those looking to buy unique silver, the Atlantis Mint also offers 2 oz silver in the shape of a human skull.
    • Perth Mint Lunar Coins: The Perth Mint’s Lunar Series II collection offers a variety of silver weights with each silver bullion release in the 12-coin collection. Offered from 2008-2019, the Lunar Series II bullion collection included a 2 oz silver bullion coin with each release. The Perth Mint offers its 2 oz silver Lunar Series II coins with an unlimited mintage for each release, indicating the mint will strike the coins through the end of the calendar year matching the date mark.
    • British Queen’s Beast Coins: In 2016, the Royal Mint of England released its all-new Queen’s Beast Series. The 10-coin collection features each of the individual heraldic beasts depicted at the coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. The bullion range of coins includes one silver coin and two gold coins, with the silver bullion coin offered in a 2 oz weight. This was a significant introduction from the Royal Mint as it was the first-ever 2 oz bullion coin from the Royal Mint of England.
    • British Virgin Islands Pegasus: Offered by the Pobjoy Mint, Europe’s largest private refinery, the Pegasus Reverse Frosted Silver Coins are issued on behalf of the British Virgin Islands. The coins feature contrasting frosted and mirrored fields, with new designs of the Pegasus introduced each year. Debuting in 2016, the series expanded from 1 oz weights in its third year to feature a 2 oz Silver Frosted Pegasus coin for the first time in 2018.
    • Mexican Silver Libertad: Mexico’s official silver bullion coin, the Silver Libertad offers a 2 oz silver coin in both its bullion and proof versions. The 2 oz Silver Libertad bullion coin debuted in 1996 and is offered every year. The 2 oz Proof Silver Libertad coin also debuted in 1996, but was not offered in 2012 as the Mexican Mint focused its silver blanks on the coining of the bullion version of the coin. Both versions share the designs of Winged Victory on the obverse and the Mexican coat of arms, with 10 historical versions, on the reverse.
    • Niue Hawksbill Turtle Coins: Struck by the New Zealand Mint, the Niue Hawksbill Turtle coin debuted in 2010 as the Fiji Silver Taku. The design has remained the same since 2010 on the reverse side depicting the Taku or Hawksbill turtle. The only change in the series came in 2014 when the coins shifted to an issue for Niue instead of Fiji. The change came in the sliver moon section on the reverse. The Fiji issues had the word “Taku” in the sliver, the Fijian dialect’s word for the Hawksbill turtle. The Niue coins have the word “Turtle” here instead. 2 oz silver coins were not issued in the Fiji series, but the Niue Hawksbill Turtle Coins do have a 2 oz silver option.
    • Biblical Series Coins: Arguably the most robust collection of 2 oz silver, the Biblical Series Silver Coins debuted in 2015. There are six designs released each year, with each design based on Gustave Dore’s biblical artworks from the late 19th The designs capture different stories from the Christian Bible on the reverse. The coins are rimless blanks with antique polishes and a face value 2 Dollars backed by Niue. The coins are limited per design to 1,499 coins, housed in capsules and a bible-themed box, and come with individually numbered Certificates of Authenticity. The obverse design of each coin shares the same design: Raphael Maklouf’s third-generation effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.
    • Silver Bullets: The SilverTowne Mint is one of America’s biggest private refineries and among its more unique options are silver bullets. Not actual rounds for firearms, the silver bullets are perfect for gun enthusiasts and silver collectors. The silver bullets have .999 fine silver content and all reflect the actual size of a particular round. The 2 oz silver bullet is the exact shape and size of a .308 caliber round, a popular round in rifles used in hunting in North America.
    • Monarch Precious Metals: Monarch has quickly gained a reputation for quality, hand-poured silver bars in the United States following its 2008 founding. All of its products are hand-poured and hand-stamped using .999 pure silver content. To make its hand-poured silver bars distinct from the competition and easier to store, Monarch Precious Metals introduced hand-poured bars that were stackable. Still poured and stamped by hand, the bars had more distinct, sharp edges and flat surfaces to make it easier to stack and store these silver bars. The 2 oz weight is a popular option among Monarch Precious Metal products.

    5 oz Silver Products

    Much like the 2 oz Silver Products, there isn’t a great deal of variety in the 5 oz weight group. There are a handful of popular bullion coin programs that offer a 5 oz variety, and numerous mints provide 5 oz Silver Bars. By in large however, most 5 oz silver coins and rounds are struck infrequently or have been suspended due to a lack of demand.

    Among the most popular 5 oz Silver Products available in the modern marketplace, you’ll find the following bars and coins:

    • America the Beautiful Coins: Struck in both bullion and proof versions by the United States Mint, the America the Beautiful series is a 56-coin series honoring the national parks, national forests, and historical monuments of America. Launched in 2010, it features five new design releases each year and is scheduled to run through 2021. Each coin features 5 oz of .999 pure silver and bears a face value of $.25 (USD). While the reverse designs are different for each state or territory, the obverse is always that of President George Washington as found on American quarters.
    • Chinese Silver Panda: Similar to the 1 oz Chinese Silver Panda, these 5 oz coins are struck in low numbers each year, feature the same fineness, and have a face value of ¥50.
    • SilverTowne 5 oz Bars: SilverTowne Mint, a private facility in Indiana, produces its own SilverTowne-branded silver bars, as well as Round Bars which feature popular silver round designs from the mint inset within the surface of a 5 oz Silver Bar.
    • Atlantis Mint Silver Bars: Atlantis Mint produces both a Skull & Crossbones 5 oz Silver Bar and a Pirate Silver Bar. Both produces contain .999 pure silver and are hand poured for a rustic finish and appearance.
    • PAMP Suisse: The beloved Fortuna Silver Bar is also available from PAMP Suisse in a 5 oz weight, with the same design features and purity levels of the 1 oz product.

    Again, there are not as many products available as the most popular weight categories, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t exciting designs and affordable options available among 5 oz Silver Products.

    10 oz Silver Products

    At this weight level, the vast majority of the silver products on the market today are silver bars. While a select few bullion coin programs offer 10 oz products, most of what is available comes from private mints or globally recognized brands. Surprisingly, 10 oz Silver Bars are the second most popular precious metal bars behind the 1 oz weight, largely because they offer investors the best combination of affordable pricing in a bulk purchase.

    Among the most popular 10 oz Silver Products are some of the following offered by JM Bullion:

    • Monarch Precious Metals: Founded in 2008 in the Rogue Valley in Oregon, Monarch Precious Metals produces all of its silver bars using hand-poured techniques for a rustic finish. The 10 oz Monarch Hand Poured Bar is simple in design, but popular for its combination of affordable pricing and larger investment potential in silver.
    • SilverTowne: There are a few popular bars from SilverTowne Mint in this weight. The Prospector Silver Bar, based upon the company’s logo, leads the pack, along with the SilverTowne Eagle design and the popular American Flag Silver Bar, which features a horizontal design with the Stars and Stripes on the obverse.
    • Atlantis Mint: Another mint famous for its hand-poured products, the Atlantis Mint’s favored Skull & Crossbones design is featured in a 10 oz weight.
    • PAMP Suisse: Once again, the popular Fortuna design is available from PAMP, complete with an assay card to validate its purity and metal content.

    100 oz Silver Products

    By the time you reach these heavyweight products, you are only going to find silver bars regularly produced and readily available. JM Bullion carries 100 oz Silver Bars from Sunshine Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, and the newly-formed Asahi Refining. In the case of each bar, the 100 oz Bars at the 100 oz weight have a few common features, and they include:

    • Rectangular designs, many consistent with London Bullion Market Association Good Delivery guidelines.
    • Simplistic engravings that include mint marks, assayer’s marks, weight, purity, and metal content. Some also feature a year of manufacture.
    • Rough, matte finishes.

    The 100 oz Asahi Silver Bar is a brand-new product from the Japan-based Asahi Holdings, which recently purchased Johnson Matthey’s gold and silver refining operations after the latter company divested from the industry. The first 100 oz Silver Bars from Asahi Refining look eerily similar to the popular Johnson Matthey 100 oz Silver Bars investors have purchased for decades. The Royal Canadian Mint is one of the few sovereign mints to produce bars, and at this weight.

    1 Kilo Silver Products

    Surprisingly, there are quite a few options at this weight when it comes to private mint vs. sovereign mint, and coin vs. bar. The Perth Mint is one of the leaders in the production of 1 Kilo Silver Coins, while producers such as PAMP Suisse and Valcambi Suisse also produce some stunning options. Among the 1 Kilo Silver Products currently available around the globe and through JM Bullion are the following:

    • Chinese Silver Panda: The Chinese Mint produces the Silver Panda coin in a total of six weights each year, and the 1 Kilogram coin is produced with the lowest mintage. It features .999 purity and a face value of ¥300.
    • Australian Kookaburra: The longest-running sovereign coin from the Perth Mint tops out at 1 Kilo each year in production. It features the same design as the smaller weights, as well as .999 purity and a face value of $30 (AUD).
    • Australian Koala: Like the Kookaburra, the Silver Koala tops out at 1 Kilo each year in production. Introduced in 2007, this popular coin also features .999 purity and a face value of $30 (AUD).
    • Somalian Elephant: The largest coin in the African Wildlife Series, the Bavarian State Mint usually produces around 150 of these Somalian Silver Elephant coins in 1 Kilo each year. Each coin features .999 pure silver and a face value of 800 Shillings.
    • Canadian Maple Leaf: On occasion, the Royal Canadian Mint produces a 1 Kilo Canadian Maple Leaf coin in proof version. The imagery used sometimes differs from the primary products in the Canadian Maple Leaf lineup, but the coin does still contain .9999 pure silver and has a face value of $250 (CAD).
    • Mexican Silver Libertad: The Mexican Silver Libertad 1 Kilo Coin might be the most unique in this heavyweight list. It is produced in proof-like condition every year. First introduced in 2002, it features the same design sets as its lighter counterparts, but is produced in much lower numbers. Recent years have seen production shrink to just 400 coins annually.
    • Valcambi Suisse: Valcambi offers 1 Kilo Silver Bars in a cast version with a rustic appearance, as well as the refined 1 Kilo Matte and Glossy finish bars that are minted, rather than cast poured.
    • PAMP Suisse: The world’s leading bullion brand offers its popular Fortuna design in 1 Kilo weight as well, rounding out one of the most diverse silver bar programs available to investors today.

    If you have any questions for a JM Bullion associate about the variety of Silver Products by Weight, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact a customer service representative on the phone at 800-276-6508, connect with us online via our live web chat, or submit your questions to us in an email.