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    100 Gram Silver Bullion

    100 gram silver bars are one available option for those looking to acquire physical silver bullion. In fact, in the 100 gram weight, bars are really the only choice available. While some 100 gram coins and rounds do exist, these products are likely much more difficult to come by. Although the 100 gram weight silver bar is not the most popular silver bar on the market, these silver bars do tend to see a consistent demand from investors.

    Investors that are looking to acquire larger stacks of silver may potentially consider the 100 gram silver bar. One hundred grams equates to roughly 3.5 ounces of silver, making these bars a nice “in-between” of 1 oz silver bars and 5 oz silver bars. Because 100 gram silver bars contain more physical silver bullion than smaller silver bars, they may potentially have lower premiums attached to them and therefore you may potentially be able to save some money on these bars over smaller bars. That being said, however, these bars will likely not have the same potential cost savings as 5 oz. silver bars or larger weights.

    If you decide to sell your 100 gram silver bars, the price you get for them will be primarily determined by the current spot silver price. You will also want to keep in mind that if you do sell silver, you will likely receive a little less than the spot silver price. This is known as the buyer’s discount. Precious metals dealers will typically sell silver for a premium above the spot silver price and will purchase silver at a discount to the spot silver price.


    One hundred gram silver bars may be found at both brick-and-mortar bullion shops as well as at online precious metals dealers. The selections of these bars, however, may be somewhat limited especially when compared to 1 oz silver bar selections. These 100 gram silver bars are produced by several mints and fabricators such as Valcambi, Geiger and Pamp Suisse.


    Some 100 gram silver bars may be readily available at many online precious metals dealers. Because these bars may not be as popular as other types and weights of silver bars, they may not be heavily stocked and supplies could, at times, run out.


    Like other smaller weight silver bars, the 100 gram silver bar is easily and conveniently stored at home, in a safe deposit box or in a depository. These bars are stackable and easily transported, and therefore can even be stored conveniently in multiple secure locations. Should the need ever arise to exchange your silver for goods or services, these smaller bars may make it easier to obtain everyday necessities such as food or fuel.

    One hundred gram silver bars can be a good silver product to begin acquiring if you are looking to build your silver holdings. These bars are relatively inexpensive (at current prices), easily transported and stackable. They also allow one to dollar-cost-average on a regular basis to try to take advantage of fluctuations in the price of silver. While they may not have the same premium discount as larger silver bars, they may still offer a potential cost savings over other silver products.