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    250 Gram Silver Bullion

    For those looking to build upon existing silver bullion holdings or for those even just looking to start acquiring silver bullion, 250 gram silver bars may be an option. 250 grams equates to nearly 9 ounces of silver. These bars may be purchased instead of 10 oz silver bars or instead of 5 oz silver bars. The 250 gram silver bar size, however, may not be as popular as the 5 or 10 oz sizes; thus, they may potentially have smaller selections and lower inventories at dealers.

    For investors looking to acquire as much silver bullion as possible, these bars may potentially offer a cost savings over smaller silver bars such as 1 oz and 5 oz bars. If you are brand indifferent, you can easily compare the per-ounce cost of these silver bars to other silver bars such as the 10 oz and you can also compare brands by attached premium. These bars contain .999 percent fine silver, and therefore you may simply want to look for the least expensive bars you can find that will allow to to get the most silver for your money.


    If you decide to sell your 250 gram silver bars, you can expect to receive the spot silver price minus the buyer’s discount. In other words, precious metals dealers usually look to sell silver for a premium to the spot silver price and they look to buy silver at a discount to the spot silver price. The spot silver price is always fluctuating as well, so you will want to know the current spot silver price before looking to sell your silver. The spot silver price is quoted per-ounce, so you will also have to figure out how many ounces you are dealing with. Usually, dealers will ask for the bar type and then give you a quote to buy your silver bars.


    Like other smaller silver bars, the 250 gram silver bar is conveniently stored at home, in a safe deposit box or in a depository. These bars are stackable and can be easily transported due to their small size. Obviously, proper precautions should always be taken when storing or transporting silver or other precious metals.


    The 250 gram silver bar may not be as popular as other silver bars such as the 1 or 5 oz silver bars. Because of this, dealers may not carry wide selections and dealer inventory is likely to be smaller.

    The 250 gram silver bar does have some potential advantages over other silver bars. Because you are buying more ounces of physical silver bullion per-bar when compared to smaller silver bars, you may potentially be able to purchase silver at a lower per-ounce cost when compared to smaller silver bars. These silver bars are conveniently stored and transported and may potentially be used to buy silver on a regular basis. Dollar-cost-averaging using these bars may potentially save you money in the long-run and allow you to get more ounces of silver for your money.

    If you plan on selling your silver regularly such as when prices rise, you may want to consider liquidity and demand of silver bars of this weight. If you plan on holding your silver for the long-term, however, the 250 gram silver bar can potentially be a good choice.