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    Silver Minted in Switzerland

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    Silver Bullion Minted in Switzerland

    Silver is one of the premier precious metals investments that exist today. In fact, people have been investing, so to speak, in silver for hundreds and thousands of years. Though the metal is often overshadowed by gold, many people recognize that it is often advantageous to invest in silver as opposed to the yellow metal. More often than not, silver is thought to only originate from places like Mexico, Bolivia, and Peru, but the reality of the matter is that silver is mined and produced in all corners of the world.

    Switzerland, though a tiny European country, is actually one of the most popular producers of silver products in the world. Everyone knows about the accusations of the Swiss harboring Nazi gold, but not many people know about Switzerland’s extensive production of silver products. For being such a small country, it is truly amazing how extensive Switzerland’s silver production is.

    A Confusing History of Swiss Coinage

    When it comes to the production of silver in Switzerland, you cannot discuss such a topic without first talking about the establishment of the Swiss Franc. Prior to 1850, the currency exchange in Switzerland was about as confusing as it could possibly be. With so many different mints producing currencies in varying denominations and at varying exchange rates, no one knew which way was up in Switzerland. Then, in 1848, the Swiss Federal Constitution established that all coins minted in Switzerland must be sanctioned by the Swiss government. By 1850, the Federal Coinage Act was passed. This Act established the Swiss Franc, a silver monetary unit that would serve as the basis for all Swiss currency. So, from its currency origins, Switzerland has been dealing with silver.

    Nowadays, there are many different types of Swiss Franc coins produced the Swiss Mint. The coins you find investors and collectors acquiring nowadays often feature imagery and inscriptions that are near and dear to the hearts of every Swiss person. One coin, for example, depicts the sport of wrestling. While it may be unknown to you, wrestling is one of the most popular sports in Switzerland. Other coins celebrate the Swiss air force, historic events, and famous people from Swiss history. Thanks to their somewhat low silver content, Swiss Franc silver coins are often viewed more as collector’s items than investments. This is so because the silver content in most of these coins is a little more than 50%, which is not considered to be overly significant.

    PAMP Suisse-A Global Power

    Many mints exist in Switzerland, but few are more well-known than PAMP Suisse. Founded in the late 1970s, it is clear to see that PAMP did not waste any time in becoming one of the world’s most popular producers of silver products. PAMP rose through the ranks of the world’s best mints thanks not only to the sheer number of silver products produced, but also due to the fact that these products are made across a wide range of weights.

    The Fortuna Silver Bar is most well-known and is considered to be the standard offering from PAMP. These bars feature the famed cornucopia design which depicts the ancient goddess of Fortune. Encased in protective plastic, and equipped with special security features, these bars offer as much peace of mind as they do beauty. Add this to the fact that the bar is comprised of 99.9% pure silver and you have yourself a product that is perfect for any and all investors.

    PAMP Suisse likes to keep things interesting by offering silver bars with themes that you would not expect from a Swiss producer of precious metals. The Lunar Series of silver bars, for example, has imagery that celebrates the different themes of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Each passing year brings about a new Lunar theme for China, and PAMP Suisse uses these themes to create silver bars with evocative imagery. Of course, it must be noted that special series of silver bars produced by PAMP often carry premiums that are a bit higher than average. It is not often that an investor will purchase a bar due to the imagery present on it, but this is an exception made for almost all of PAMP’s specialty silver products.

    Perhaps the absolute most attractive aspect of PAMP products is that they are made in a wide range of weights and sizes. For beginning investors who are just looking to get their feet wet, silver bars as small as a few grams are able to be purchased. In the same breath, you can buy much larger silver bars to create a more significant investment in silver. PAMP offers investors a great deal of versatility, and this is just one small part of the reason behind why they have become known and loved by investors from all over the world. The sheer quantity of silver products produced by PAMP on an annual basis also helps the company’s visibility, as most every precious metals dealer on the planet will likely carry one or two PAMP products.

    Where to Buy Swiss Silver

    Buying Swiss silver can be done in a variety of ways. The traditional way of purchasing Swiss silver would be to venture down to your local coin or pawn shop and see what is in stock and available to buy. In theory, this is a perfect way to acquire the silver you are looking for, but in practice things are not so straightforward. If you do not live in a major city, the chances you reside near multiple coin shops is not very good.

    Because of this, we suggest purchasing Swiss silver through online dealers. With so many precious metals dealers online, you are able to quickly and easily compare prices so that you get the best possible bang for your buck. In addition, purchasing online allows for you to receive your investment quickly and easily. Without ever stepping foot outside your house you are able to invest in just about any quantity of silver you desire.