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Valcambi Suisse Gold and Silver

Valcambi ranks highly among the most well-recognized names in the precious metals industry today. Located in Balerna, Switzerland and founded in 1961, this mint refines approximately 2,000 tons of metal each year, and it works with a range of different precious metals. In 2013, it worked through 5.4 tons of precious metals per day, producing about 3.8 tons of coins and bars per day.

A supplier of gold bars for central banks across the globe, Valcambi mints coins for some national currencies and other organizations. It’s also known for producing sought-after collectible ingots, and for the high-quality gold-grain watch cases it provides to jewelers.

What Makes Valcambi Different From Other Mints?

Valcambi is perhaps most well-known for its CombiBars, which are the company’s most iconic offerings. The CombiBar comes in either 50- or 100-gram weights, and you can choose from a few different types of precious metals. Because of this, the prices and availability can vary.

While the CombiBar comes as one single bar, it can easily be broken down into smaller bars due to its unique design. Purchasers often use these pieces for bartering or purchasing goods and services, and many collectors and investors find this an interesting piece because of its highly diverse nature. Thanks to the convenient liquidity offered by the CombiBar, investors are able to use the pieces to invest as much or as little as they want into the gold market.

History of the Valcambi

First incorporated in 1961, the mint has been working diligently for several decades to make a name for itself. Back in the early days of the company, it was known as Valori & Cambi. Seven years later, Valori & Cambi was purchased and became London and Comex Good Delivery. The company worked under London and Comex Good Delivery until 2001, when it was sold again, this time to European Gold Refineries.

Between 2004-2009, the company underwent several strategic changes. Its management decided on a new business model, found new prospects, and partnered with a number of other companies around the world. This would soon prove to be a huge benefit for the company overall.

In the world of metal refining, Valcambi is a fairly small mint. It is starting to make a splash on the world stage but still is fairly unknown outside of metal-refining circles. On top of this, it only has a little more than 200 employees. All of this, however, is not going to stop Valcambi from becoming an important part of the metals industry.

Types of Mints and Production

Valcambi mints a number of different styles of products which are available to investors. The company works with a slew of different precious metals, focusing on gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. While they have a large offering, their most popular products are their gold and silver bars.

Valcambi offers cast bars in several different weights and minted bars that come in a number of sizes, and have a fineness of 99.9%. The CombiBar, as previously mentioned, is the most popular product from the company. They offer Silver Combibars in 100 x 1 gram and 10 x 10 gram with the Gold CombiBar available in a 50 x 1 gram size. Depending on what you’re looking for, the mint also offers a range of other precious metal products, including coins, medals, and even metal grains.

Security and Packaging

All of the mintages and productions from Valcambi offer serial numbers to ensure authenticity. Depending on the product, the packaging varies. For example, the CombiBar is one solid bar that can be broken into smaller pieces. The majority of Valcambi’s other products are purchased individually or in rolls. Many of the bars come packaged with an assay card, and the packaging itself contains the bar’s certificate number along with information on its minimum purity and weight.


Valcambi has a spotless reputation in the gold industry, and the mint is recognized by regulators from the LBMA, the London clearing market, the world’s foremost banks, and Zurich’s gold officials. The bars and coins produced by Valcambi are well-known, offering high-quality, high-standard precious metals and stylized designs which are sought after by collectors and investors alike. The company is also known as a sustaining force for the economy of the entire Swiss Alps region.

Pricing and Availability

While the bars and coins minted by Valcambi are rarer than those made by some other mints, this does not mean that they aren’t available. The pricing of your piece will depend on the metal you choose, the market for that metal, and the style of the mint.

Whether you’re looking for unique products from a new mint, or you’ve heard about Valcambi and want to see what they have to offer, look no further. You’ll find quality minted metals in styles that you simply won’t see anywhere else. Valcambi has a commitment to quality that you’ll see in every piece. Check out JM Bullion’s selection of Valcambi Mint products today and find the perfect bullion piece for your portfolio or collection.