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    1906 Fairmont Collection Coins

    While all of the coins in the Fairmont Collection have a common feature, they each have their own story to tell as a part of American and European history. Each coin available in the Fairmont Collection is a beautiful holdover from the era of American gold coining and each sat untouched for decades in European banks. However, each coin and denomination has a deeper story too.

    1906-D Liberty Half Eagles

    The 1906 date for Liberty Half Eagles is important as it represents the penultimate release of this design in the series. In 1907, the United States Mint would strike this design for the final time on the Half Eagle before transitioning to the new Indian Half Eagle design for the remainder of the program’s production life through 1929.

    The 1906-D Liberty Half Eagle holds an even more significant spot in the history of this denomination. This coin was among the first ever struck in this denomination at the Denver Mint following its opening in 1906. Additionally, a low figure of just 320,000 coins was struck, making the remaining specimens available to collectors even more special.