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    What Lies Within Joins the Lisa Parker Collection from Anonymous Mint

    The Anonymous Mint’s Lisa Parker Collection is yet another installment of beautiful silver rounds with low mintage figures. Even by the Anonymous Mint’s standards though, this collection offers extremely limited mintage figures that the mint has labeled “micro mintage numbers.” This new collection from the Anonymous Mint catalogs some of the top works from wildlife and mystical artist Lisa Parker. The second design of the collection is now available to you from JM Bullion and brings the eerie appearance of What Lies Within. Today is your chance to learn all about the latest design.

    What Lies Within Design Elements

    For the second design in the Lisa Parker Collection, the Anonymous Mint chose her creation known as What Lies Within. The eerie scene includes a quaint little cottage in the woods with the branches of leafless trees hanging overhead the building as the light of the full moon in the night sky beams in the background. The cottage appears inviting with its front door slightly ajar and a warm glow coming from within. However, the cat sitting in the foreground offers a bit of warning to those who might approach. It sits with its head turned back staring right at you almost as if beckoning you to enter the cottage, but simultaneously sending a shiver down your spine. Is the cat inviting you in or warning you about entering?

    All silver rounds in this series share the same reverse design. Wild One is depicted on the reverse and is one of Parker’s most iconic designs. It includes the large portrait of a wolf’s head facing directly at the viewer with a background field of leafless trees and a five-pointed star.

    Background on Lisa Parker

    British artist Lisa Parker studied Natural History Illustration at Bournemouth & Poole Institute of Art & Design. From a young age she enjoyed expression her love of wildlife and nature using pencils in her artwork. Over time, her work grew to combine wildlife and nature with the mystical realm. Throughout her career she has worked with various mediums, including pencils, oils, and watercolors. Most of her modern works are originally completed in watercolors. You can find her works of art on countless products from shirts and calendars to phone cases and these beautiful silver rounds in the Lisa Parker Collection.

    The Lisa Parker Collection Details

    Issued by the Anonymous Mint, the Lisa Parker Collection is a six-round series with beautiful designs chosen by lead coin designer Julie Lindquist. Each of the designs to feature in the series are hand-carved onto silver blanks by Italian master sculptor Luigi Badia. The rounds in this collection are available with 1 oz silver and 5 oz silver options. For each design released, the Anonymous Mint strikes proof, antique, and colorized proof options.

    Proof rounds in this collection have frosted design elements with mirrored backgrounds. Antique rounds have a rustic appeal with a brushed, matte appearance and the overall visual appeal of heirloom silver. The colorized proof rounds bring Lisa Parker’s designs to life as she originally created them. For the colorized proof rounds, the Anonymous Mint only colorizes the design on the obverse. Wild One on the reverse is never colorized. As mentioned earlier, the mintage figures in this series are extremely low and set at:

    • 750 rounds – 1 oz proof
    • 750 rounds – 1 oz proof colorized
    • 250 rounds – 1 oz antique
    • 250 rounds – 5 oz proof
    • 250 rounds – 5 oz proof colorized
    • 250 rounds – 5 oz antique

    As the series continues, be sure to check back to find the upcoming designs of Moon Gazer, Apache, Power of Three, and Snow Kisses. There is a new design issued in this collection each month through early 2019.

    Get Your Lisa Parker Rounds Exclusively from JM Bullion

    Similar to other issues from the Anonymous Mint, JM Bullion is the exclusive release partner. When each new design in the collection, you’ll find those images and silver rounds available only from JM Bullion. Please keep an eye on our blog each week for the latest information on upcoming coin releases, the next issue in the Lisa Parker Collection, and other relevant precious metals news. Don’t forget you can also follow us on Facebook for daily and weekly information on the precious metals mark. If you have questions, JM Bullion customer services is available at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address.

    Disclaimer: All Market Updates are provided as a third party analysis and do not necessarily reflect the explicit views of JM Bullion Inc. and should not be construed as financial advice.

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