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    What Lies Within

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    Discover What Lies Within in the 2nd Lisa Parker Release

    The new Lisa Parker Collection from the Anonymous Mint brings together six of her greatest designs from a diverse catalog of nature and wildlife-themed artworks that combine the real world with the mystical realm. There is a new silver round design available in the collection with each passing month following its debut issue and the second of those designs focuses on a cottage with a haunting aura and a curious cat beckoning onlookers to consider entering the foreboding structure. Learn more about the second Lisa Parker Collection design in the passages below.

    Enter if You Dare

    The design of the What Lies Within Silver Round in the Lisa Parker Collection challenges you to contemplate the consequences of entering a small, foreboding cottage. The design focuses on a stone cottage set in the woods. The quaint structure is framed by leafless trees arching down toward it as a full moon rises into the sky behind the cottage. The front door of the cottage is slightly ajar and in the colorized designs in the series, you can see that this cottage has a warm, yet eerie, light emanating from its front door.

    Perched on the edge of a small stone wall in the foreground, a cat gazes back toward you as the viewer with its eyes fixed on yours. The cat’s gaze almost dares you to consider entering the cottage and find out What Lies Within. As with the other silver rounds in the collection, the reverse of each issue in the series has the image of Wild One. This design includes the front-facing head of a wolf with a five-pointed star and leafless trees in the background.

    What Lies Within Design Options

    The new Lisa Parker Collection from Anonymous Mint follows in the footsteps of other popular releases, such as the Amy Brown Collection and other silver round series. In the Lisa Parker Collection, each design is available on a 1 oz silver and 5 oz silver round. For each of those weights, you’ll find proof, antique, and colorized proof options. The proof silver rounds have frosted design appearances with clear background fields to create visual contrast between the two.

    Antique silver rounds have a proprietary antique polish from the Anonymous Mint. Antique polishes lend a sense of heirloom quality to the silver rounds and an appearance similar to a brushed silver piece. Finally, the colorized proof rounds bring Lisa Parker’s designs to life as she originally intended them. Working predominantly with watercolors today, Lisa Parker’s What Lies Within design includes muted blues, greens, and shades of gray. Also featured is the bright green of the cat’s eyes and the warm, inviting golden glow of the lights from within the cottage.

    Micro Mintages from Anonymous Mint

    The Anonymous Mint took a unique approach with the mintage of Lisa Parker Collection silver rounds. While the mint typically uses low mintage figures, the average round in other series has a mintage between 500 and 2,000 depending upon the version of the round. For the Lisa Parker Collection, the Anonymous Mint’s micro mintages provide a new level of rarity for the series. Mintage figures in the Lisa Parker Collection include the following options:

    • 1 oz Proof – 750 rounds
    • 1 oz Colorized Proof – 750 rounds
    • 1 oz Antique – 250 rounds
    • 5 oz Proof – 250 rounds
    • 5 oz Colorized Proof – 250 rounds
    • 5 oz Antique – 250 rounds

    About the Lisa Parker Collection

    Lisa Parker is an accomplished fantasy artist whose works have captivated collectors and art enthusiasts around the world. Her best-selling works are found on licensed products ranging from shirts and calendars to phone cases, figurines, and even silver for sale. Parker has been drawing since she was old enough to clutch a pencil and initially worked with various mediums, including colored pencils, oils, and watercolors. Her official education came at the Bournemouth & Poole Institute of Art & Design where she studied Natural History Illustration. Most of her works combine nature and wildlife with the mystical realm.

    In total, Anonymous Mint offers six designs in the Lisa Parker Collection. The series debuted with Moonstruck, continues with these What Lies Within rounds and will conclude with Moon Gazer, Apache, Power of Three, and Snow Kisses.

    Background on the Anonymous Mint

    The Anonymous Mint developed the new Lisa Parker Collection with lead coin designer Julie Lindquist selecting the six designs for use on the silver rounds. Each of the designs is struck using hand-carved silver blanks completed by Italian master sculptor Luigi Badia. The Anonymous Mint has a strong reputation for the production of low-mintage silver rounds. This latest series is struck by the Osborne Mint, America’s oldest private mint.

    Get Your Lisa Parker Collection Rounds Only at JM Bullion

    Each of the Lisa Parker Collection silver rounds from the Anonymous Mint are released exclusively through JM Bullion. This is the only place you’ll find the new designs of Lisa Parker upon release. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or simply send us an email.