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    The Upcoming Norse Goddesses Series from Perth Mint

    Posted on April 21, 2017

    Australia’s Perth Mint is no stranger to the release of unique, and altogether stunning silver and gold coin programs. In 2017 the Perth Mint is embarking on yet another new coin series with the release of its new Norse Goddesses collection. Although small in comparison to some of its other programs, with just three coin designs planned, the beauty and unique finish of these coins makes them a must-have item for those buying silver.

    Background on Norse Mythology

    Most people are familiar with the gods and goddesses of Roman and Greek mythology. At a loss to explain the events occurring in the world around them, ancient civilizations assigned human-like beings god-like characteristics related to events ranging from turbulent seas to devastating famines. Each god or goddess was said to represent something different, from love to war. While the gods of Roman and Greek mythology are borderline household names, that is not often the case with the gods of another culture’s mythology.

    The mythology of Norse civilizations have long remained in the shadows by comparison. Like their Roman and Greek counterparts, the Norse people assigned traits and characteristics to the mythical gods and goddesses to help explain events in their world that they could not understand or otherwise explain with the knowledge and science of the day.

    Introduction to the Norse Goddesses Series

    The coins of the Norse Goddesses Series from the Perth Mint have common details and features that exist across the three-coin release. Each silver coin has a high-relief design and an antique finish. The high-relief striking gives impressive visual appeal to the design, while the antique finish adds an old-world charm that gives the coin the appearance of ancient coinage.

    Adding to that latter feature is the use of rimless blanks in the production process. The coins in this collection are antiqued individually, ensuring that no two coins in this collection look exactly alike.

    All of the coins in the Norse Goddesses Series include:

    • 2 Troy oz of .9999 pure silver
    • Legal tender face value of $2 (AUD) backed by the government of Tuvalu
    • Perth Mint’s “P” mint mark on the reverse face
    • Limited mintage of only 2,000 coins per design release!

    The Norse Goddesses Series of silver coins arrive in a prestigious wooden display case, with an engraving on the lid of the case that identifies the Norse Goddesses Series. Each individual coin comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, and the entire package ships to you inside of a themed shipper.

    Finally, the obverse face of all coins in the collection is the same. On the obverse of all Norse Goddesses silver coins you’ll find the right-profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty is captured in this particular design by Ian Rank-Broadley, and this 1998 depiction is the fourth-generation image of Her Majesty to appear on British and commonwealth coinage. Engravings on this face include “Queen Elizabeth II,” “2 oz 9999 Silver,” “2017,” and “Tuvalu 2 Dollars.”

    The First Release – Freya

    Freya is the Norse Goddess of Love, and she is often depicted riding on a chariot drawn by two cats. On occasion, Freya is even known to ride into battle that is known as Hildisvini. Freya also wears a cloak of falcon feathers that empowers her to shape shift into a falcon, and she rides with the Valkyrie of Odin. One of the most revered goddesses of Norse mythology, Freya is more than the Goddess of Love, she oversees love, beauty, sexuality, fertility, gold, war and death. Half of those who die in war are received by Freya, with the other half going to Odin.

    The reverse of all the 2017 2 oz Tuvalu Norse Goddesses Freya Silver Coins features the image of Freya. In her left hand is her sword, with the golden-bristled boar “Hildisvini” on her right.

    Upcoming Releases

    Throughout 2017 the Perth Mint will release silver coins in this collection for the goddesses Frigg and Hel as well. In Norse mythology, Hel was known as the Goddess of Death. Translated roughly into English, her name is Hell and reflects her position as the Goddess of Death and Goddess of the Underworld. Hel is actually the daughter of the trickster god Loki, and she had looks that were said to be stern, grim and downtrodden. Odin cast Hel down into the world of Helheim and gave her the power over nine worlds, where she eventually became of the Goddess of the Underworld. It is said that half of those who die in the human world go to Hel, and the others join Odin.

    In Norse mythology, Frigg is the patroness of marriage, motherhood, maternity, and fertility, a curious thing considering she is married to Odin but not the mother of Thor. She is also the creator of destiny and has the ability to see into the future. Frigg’s power to see the future gives her the potential to control the outcome of many lives, as her magic spindle enables her to spin the threads of fate to her will.

    About the Perth Mint

    Located in Perth, Western Australia, the Perth Mint is the oldest operating mint in the nation. Opened in 1899, it was originally part of the Royal Mint system on the continent and providing coining capacity to the nation until 1965 when the Royal Australian Mint opened as the sovereign mint of the country.

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