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    Gilded Silver Coins

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    Gilded Silver Coins Available from JM Bullion

    There are numerous precious metal products available for sale today that attract the eye of numismatics around the globe, whether they are investors or collectors. Among the more interesting options available are Gilded Silver Coins.

    Introduction to Gilded Silver Coins

    Some of the most popular silver coins in production today are struck using either .999 or .9999 pure silver. While many coin programs, such as the Canadian Maple Leaf, American Eagle, Chinese Panda, and Austrian Philharmonic (to name a few) are struck in both gold and silver variants, the mints responsible for the production of these coins occasionally create a unique combination of the two different precious metals.

    A Gilded Silver Coin is any silver bullion or proof coin that features a base of silver, with the coins traditional design gilded in gold to create a stark contrast between the background field of the coin and its primary design.

    Gilded Silver Coin Designs

    There are countless Gilded Silver Coins available to collectors and investors at the moment. The following coins represent some of those which are readily available on the precious metals market today:

    • Canadian Maple Leaf: Canada’s official silver bullion coin features the iconic sugar maple leaf on its reverse face, with Queen Elizabeth II’s right-profile portrait on the obverse. On the gilded coins, the maple leaf on the obverse side is covered in gold.
    • American Eagle: The official silver bullion coin of the United States is often struck in gilded relief. When the coin is gilded, the image of Walking Liberty on the obverse side is covered in gold. In addition to Lady Liberty, the ground upon which she walks and the setting sun are also covered with gold.
    • Chinese Panda: China’s silver bullion coin, which features a different image of the panda each year, includes gold covering on the panda.
    • Somalian Elephant: Struck by the Bavarian Central Mint, the Silver Somalian Elephant coin features a gold overlay on the image of elephants featured on the coin’s reverse side.

    On each of these coins, it is often the primary image which gives the coin its name that is covered in gold. Images such as the bald eagle on the American Silver Eagle and Queen Elizabeth II on the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf are never gilded with gold or otherwise altered on Gilded Silver Coins.

    Availability at JM Bullion

    Gilded Silver Coins are often struck in limited mintages, making each available product rare in its series. Currently, JM Bullion has Gilded Silver Coins available from the 2015 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf program, 2015 Chinese Silver Panda program, and 2015 Somalian Silver Elephant program. As mentioned above in brief, each of these coins features a gold overlay on the primary image on the coin’s reverse side. Additionally, the coins are all available at this moment in brilliant, uncirculated condition.

    In the case of the Chinese Silver Panda and Somalian Silver Elephant, the images on the coin’s reverse sides are brand new for 2015. The mints behind each program use different designs on the reverse side each year, while maintaining consistent imagery on the obverse side of the coins from one year to the next.

    Purchasing with JM Bullion

    At JM Bullion, we’re committed to secure purchasing and shipping. When you purchase a Gilded Silver Coin from JM Bullion, your coins are packed in their individual, sealed packages. Your entire purchase is packaged within a nondescript box to protect the identity of the products you are buying. Our shipping comes with insurance and tracking to ensure that your product arrives safely, and that your purchase is protected against loss or damage.

    If you have any questions about available Gilded Silver Coins, the purchasing process, or our shipping policies, feel free to contact a JM Bullion associate with your inquiries. Our associates are available on the phone at 800-276-6508, online using our live web chat, and via email.