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    MintSealed Silver Eagles

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    2023 American Silver Eagle Tube (MintSealed, 20 Coins, BU)

    Any quantity available for $8.99 per oz over spot!

    One of the best ways to get American Silver Eagles that remain in the same condition as the moment the US Mint packaged them is to buy MintSealed products from JM Bullion. The MintSealed program offers American Silver Eagles in both MintSealed Singles and Mint... Read More

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    2023 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin (MintSealed, BU)

    As low as $9.49 per oz over spot!

    The American Silver Eagle is the world’s best-selling silver bullion coin. Introduced in 1986, it has become the dominant coin in the market and holds a record for selling 47 million coins in 2015 alone. JM Bullion offers individual MintSealed versions of th... Read More

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    MintSealed Silver Eagles at JM Bullion

    When JM Bullion introduced its MintSealed program for investors, the first choice to feature in this new product range was the American Silver Eagle. Initially, we offered MintSealed Silver Eagles featuring the plastic tubes from the US Mint with multiples of 20 coins inside. Today, we not only offer MintSealed Silver Eagles by the tube, but also by individuals that are sealed in clamshell cards. Learn more about our MintSealed Silver Eagles!

    What is MintSealed?

    The MintSealed program at JM Bullion is simple. When you purchase a MintSealed Silver Eagle from JM Bullion, you get peace of mind in knowing that each coin is in the exact same condition as it was when it was packaged by the United States Mint. When we receive US Mint Monster Boxes of American Silver Eagles, we carefully inspect the box to ensure none of the tubes of Silver Eagles inside have been tampered with in any way.

    To ensure the continued condition of the coins, we select only those tubes that have no signs of tampering and seal the tube completely in plastic. This not only ensures the tubes were not tampered with at the mint, but that you’ll receive them with the peace of mind that they weren’t tampered with after that point.

    For our newer MintSealed Singles, the process is somewhat the same. We will break out individual 1 oz American Silver Eagles from tubes that have not been tampered with and individually seal each Silver Eagle in plastic. This is done using a clamshell machine that first seals the coin in plastic and then encloses it within a card.

    MintSealed Silver Eagle Tubes

    As mentioned above, our initial offering of JM Bullion MintSealed coins were 1 oz American Silver Eagles. When you purchase a MintSealed Silver Eagle Tube, you will receive 20 individual American Silver Eagle Coins inside the original plastic tube the US Mint packaged the coins in. These tubes were removed from the Monster Box the mint shipped the coins in and each tube was sealed closed with plastic.

    MintSealed Singles

    A newer option in our MintSealed range, MintSealed Singles in the American Silver Eagle Series come with clamshell cards housing individual 1 oz coins. These coins have also been inspected to ensure they remain in the same condition as the point the US Mint shipped the coins out. Each one is sealed in plastic and then secured in a clamshell card. The card has details of the date, weight, and purity of the coin inside.

    Invest with Peace of Mind

    MintSealed Silver Eagles are a popular new option exclusive to JM Bullion. We will regularly offer both MintSealed Tubes and MintSealed Singles for new date marks in the American Silver Eagle Series. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team at 800-276-6508. We are also available to you online through our live chat and email address features. Please feel free to visit our Payment Methods page if you have any questions related to payment.