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    East India Company

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    2023 1 oz St. Helena Silver Queens Memorial Coin (BU)
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    2022 1 Kilo Proof St. Helena Silver Gothic Crown Coin (Box + CoA)
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    2022 2 oz Proof St. Helena Gold Gothic Crown Portrait Coin (Box + CoA)
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    East India Company Bullion

    When you hear the name East India Company, your mind may immediately be drawn back to the final years of the Tudor Dynasty in England and the rise of the future United Kingdom as a global superpower. The original East India Company controlled vast trade networks connecting ports in England to the world. In 2010, the East India Company was revived as a modern trading company and bullion designer. In partnership with the Issuing Authority of St. Helena, the modern East India Company has a wide range of popular bullion collections.

    Bullion Coin Collections

    The most prominent collections of bullion coins from the East India Company offer new designs each year in familiar formats, such as 1 oz BU silver, 1 oz Proof silver, and 1 oz gold coins. The designs on the obverse have, as of 2022, featured Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II along with ever-changing reverse designs. Examples of some of its collections include the following:

    • Una and the Lion
    • The Goddesses Series
    • Trade Dollar Series

    In addition, the East India Company has produced a variety of commemorative series as well, such as gold and silver coins honoring the 2022 Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, an event that marked Her Late Majesty’s 70th year on the throne.

    Rectangular Bullion Coins

    Beyond its collections of traditional coins, the East India Company has also issued rectangular silver coins. These coins have the same legal tender status in St. Helena as other bullion coin collections, but have the visual appearance of silver bars. The designs in this range vary as well, with most featuring a historic East India Company sailing vessel on the reverse and a monarch portrait on the obverse.

    EIC and the Issuing Authority of St. Helena

    The revival of the partnership between the new East India Company and St. Helena brought back a collaboration that dates to the 17th century when the East India Company was given a commission by Oliver Cromwell to establish an outpost and colony on the island. The East India Company would use the island as a station for its ships to restock on voyages between its ports in the East Indies and those in England.

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