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    Gold Prices in Australian Dollars

    Gold is bought and sold all over the world, and is often transacted in currencies outside of dollars. If you live in Australia or an Australian territory, you would likely boy or sell gold coin and bullion in the local currency, the Australian dollar.

    The Australian dollar can exhibit periods of relative calm and periods of heightened volatility. The currency is often referred to as the “Aussie” dollar for short, and it tends to be a favorite among currency traders. The Aussie dollar can be affected by rising and falling commodity prices, as well as local interest rates. Because the currency may at times exhibit a correlation to commodity prices, the Aussie dollar value can potentially rise and fall along with the price of gold or other commodities.

    Gold Pricing in Aussie Dollars

    The price of gold in Australia can be driven by numerous factors that affect gold prices all over the globe. Some of these influences on price may include:

    • Central bank buying activity
    • Interest rates
    • Geopolitics
    • Investment demand
    • Risk appetite or aversion
    • Inflation or deflation

    The price of gold may be determined by a pricing mechanism such as the London Gold Fixing Price as well as near-month futures contracts traded on an exchange.

    Australian Mints and Gold Products

    The Royal Australian Mint is the sole provider of circulating coinage in Australia, and it also produces a number of investment products and collector coins.

    The Perth Mint, located in Western Australia, produces numerous gold, silver and platinum products to clients all over the globe. The Perth Mint produces a variety of gold and silver coins, as well as bullion bars and medallions. The mint also offers additional services such as storage and investment programs.

    The 1 oz. Perth Mint Gold Bar (New with Assay) is a great example of the quality and beauty that comes from the Perth Mint. This one ounce gold bullion bar contains one ounce of .9999 percent fine gold, and come with enhanced security features. Each bar comes complete with a unique serial number and assayer’s signature on the assay card. The bar also has the CertiCard security feature.

    In a simple yet elegant design, the bar’s obverse contains the Perth Mint’s logo, while the reverse features a repeating, jumping kangaroo design.

    The 2017 1 oz. Australian Gold Kangaroo coin features the iconic kangaroo, and is quite popular with coin buyers. This coin was first produced in 1986, and has stood the test of time with investors and collectors.

    This one ounce gold coin contains one troy ounce of .9999 percent fine gold, and can be purchased individually or in boxes of 100 coins. The coin’s obverse pays tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with a detailed profile portrait. The coin’s reverse features a kangaroo, hopping along the Outback. The coin carries a face value of $100 (AUD).

    The 1 Gram Perth Mint Gold Bar (New with Assay) is a great gold bar for investors on a budget. This gold bar contains 1 gram of .9999 percent fine gold, and comes complete with assay card. This gold bar also features CertiCard security technology in the packaging, so you can rest assured that your bar has not been tampered with.

    The simple yet elegant design of this gold bar features the Perth Mint logo on its obverse, and the bar’s reverse features a repeating, hopping kangaroo design.

    Due to their small weight, these gold bars may be more affordable to new investors or those on a limited budget, and they can also make a great gift.

    Australia produces some of the world’s finest coins and bullion bars. With its abundant natural resources, significant animal kingdom, stunning landscapes and diverse culture, mints have plenty of themes to choose from when designing coinage or bullion bars. The animal theme is very popular in Australian coinage, with coins celebrating various animals such as the kangaroo and the Kookaburra. Other animals are also featured on Australian gold coins, such as the 2016 1/10 oz. Australian Gold Monkey coin and the 2016 ¼ oz. Proof Australian Gold Koala coin. You can see the latest strikes in stock by visiting our Perth Mint product page.

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