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    Britannia Arrives in a Brand-New Format from the Royal Mint

    Posted on August 24, 2018

    When you think about the symbol of Britannia and precious metals from the Royal Mint of England, the first place your mind goes is to the popular Gold Britannia and Silver Britannia bullion coins for sale. In fact, Britannia has featured on British currency for nearly 350 years. Now though, the Royal Mint offers a gold bullion product that delivers the vision of Britannia in an all-new way. Learn all about the new 1 oz British Gold Britannia Bar.

    A Beautiful New Design

    The first-ever release of the British Gold Britannia Bar required an innovative new design. Jody Clark, the man behind the fifth-generation effigy of Queen Elizabeth II and the designs of the Queen’s Beast Collection, worked with other Royal Mint coin designers to come up with a brilliant new vision of Britannia. The team studied her evolutions in design over the centuries and came up with a classic take on the nation’s symbol.

    Britannia is depicted in right-profile relief on the obverse face of the bar in the lower-left corner of the design field. Britannia’s facial features reflect classic Greek and Roman designs. She wears the traditional Corinthian cap on her head. As a symbol of the power of the seas in defending the British Isles, Britannia wields a trident in one hand. Her ability to protect the homeland from invaders is reflected in the shield she bears in the other hand, which features the Union Jack flag of Great Britain.

    On the reverse face of these new gold bars for sale, you’ll find the official seal of the Royal Mint of England at the top. At the bottom of the design field are the waves of the sea, again pointing to the maritime history of the nation and Britannia’s role in protecting the seas that separate Britain from her enemies.

    Secure Packaging

    The 1 oz British Gold Bar comes individually packaged by the Royal Mint inside of tamper-evident packaging. Each bar comes with an assay card that has the individual serial number engraved on the bar itself. The individual bars all have a unique serial number on the bottom of the reverse field. The serial numbers are all two-letter, six-number codes that start with the “RM” initials of the Royal Mint. Bars are available for individual purchase in the tamper-evident packages or in boxes of 25 bars.

    A New Option for Diversification

    For those looking to diversify their precious metal holdings, the new 1 oz British Gold Britannia Bar offers a chance at something new. Britannia’s legacy stretches back 2,000 years to the Roman occupation of the British Isles, and her figure has appeared as a symbol of the country on its coinage for more than three centuries. Now, you can purchase this new vision of Britannia from JM Bullion. Our customer service team is available to help you at 800-276-6508. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and read our blog for the latest on exciting new products.

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