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    Add Germania to Your Collection with the 2nd Germania Series Round

    Posted on June 04, 2020

    The Germania Mint introduced itself to a broader segment of the precious metals market in 2019 with the introduction of several silver round collections, each one boasting unique designs and .9999 pure silver content. The purity of Germania Mint silver rounds is head-and-shoulders above other collections and the designs are second-to-none in the industry. If you haven’t paid attention to Germania Mint silver rounds yet, now is the time to take a closer look as the 2020 Germania Series rounds debut with JM Bullion.

    2020 Germania Design

    In the second year of availability, the Germania Mint offers the 2020 1 oz Germania Silver Round in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and a 2020 1 oz Proof Germania Silver Round. Both the BU and Proof versions of the new 2020 Germania Silver Round have a new obverse design featuring the female personification of Germany. This strong, stoic depiction of Germania shows her wearing a cape that is wind-swept behind her frame as she wears a wreath crown on her head. With her right arm down at her side, Germania extends her left arm out to give a perch to a double-headed eagle. Germania’s left forearm has a leather shield to protect her from the powerful grip and sharp claws of the eagle’s talons.

    The obverse background field on the BU version of the 2020 Germania Silver Round comes with a beaded, guilloche-style field. The Proof version of the 2020 Germania Silver Round has a smooth, mirrored finish. Both rounds have inscriptions that identify the series, date, weight, purity, and metal content.

    Shared Reverse Design

    All of the 2020 Germania Silver Rounds have a shared design element whether struck in silver or gold, BU or Proof. The Germania Series rounds feature a double-headed heraldic eagle with arrows in each talon and fern leaves framing the design element. Inscriptions on this side of the round include the name “Germania” and the nominal value of “5 Mark.”

    2020 Germania Series Features

    The 2020 Germania Silver Rounds available from JM Bullion come with two different packaging types. The BU version is housed in individual capsules. The Proof version boasts a display case for the silver round and a Certificate of Authenticity from the Germania Mint. The BU Germania Silver Round has a maximum mintage of 25,000 silver rounds, while the Proof Germania Silver Round has a maximum of just 1,000 silver rounds. Other options available in the 2020 release include a new Proof 1 Kilo silver round, BU 1 oz gold round, and Proof 1 oz gold round.

    History of Germania

    The term Germania was first recorded in writing during the 1st century BC when the Roman Empire referred to the region of north-central Europe east of the Rhine River and north of the Danube River as Germania. This region has historically been occupied by Germanic tribes, though other tribes once lived in the region as well. Germania experienced a revival in use during the Revolutions of 1848 in central Europe. The rise of the German Empire in 1871 resulted in Germania becoming the female personification of the empire through 1918 when it was defeated at the end of World War I. Today, Germania still stands as a female personification of the nation.

    Other Germania Mint Series

    While the Germania Series of silver and gold rounds is the leading product from the Germania Mint, other programs are available that launched in 2019. These include the Allegories Series pairing Germania with other female personifications, such as Britannia (England) and Columbia (United States), and the Oak Series.

    Investing in Germania Mint Silver with JM Bullion

    If you’re interested in diversifying your silver with new products, the Germania Mint has the options you are looking for in precious metals. JM Bullion customer service is available to you at 800-276-6508, online through our live chat, and via our email address. Don’t forget to check our blog each week and follow us on social media for daily updates and weekly contests.

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