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    Germania Mint Silver Rounds

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    2023 1 oz Germania Silver Round (Capsule)
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    Silver Rounds from the Germania Mint

    Buying silver rounds is a popular choice among both investors and collectors. Most silver round collections feature .999 pure silver content, offering value to investors. All silver round collections offer distinctive designs that attract collectors, whether those designs focus on historic coinage or just unique concepts chosen by the mint. The Germania Mint combines .9999 pure silver content and distinctive designs on its silver rounds, making new options from this mint particularly attractive to numismatists.

    The Allegories Series

    A popular new collection from the Germania Mint is the Allegories Series. The mint describes this series as depicting the female personifications of various nations, from the European continent to South America and North America. The debut issue in the series is the Britannia & Germania release. Each issue in the collection will feature Germania, the female personification of Germany and the German people, alongside another nation’s personification. The available designs in the series include:

    • Britannia & Germania: In a nod to the peace between the nations that exists today, the obverse of the first release includes the figure of Britannia standing with her guard down but her back slightly turned toward Germania. Britannia has her shield with the Union Jack upon it resting at her side and her trident cradled in her right arm. She wears a Roman helmet in this depiction with a tall plume, rather than traditional depictions featuring a Corinthian helmet. Germania approaches from the right with her hand outstretched to the shoulder of Britannia. Germania’s shield with the double-headed eagle rests at her side as her sword remains in its scabbard. Germania wears a laurel crown on her head.
    • Columbia & Germania: For the second release in the series, Germania is captured in a more friendly pose alongside the Allegory of the United States of America, Columbia. The two are shown marching forward hand-in-hand while carrying flags reflective of their culture and people. Germania carries the flag with the double-headed eagle, a common design in the coat of arms of Germanic tribes, the German Empire, and similar to the eagle now featured in the coat of arms of the modern Federal Republic of Germany.
    • Italia & Germania: In the third release, the Allegories Series offers an image of two of continental Europe’s most historic powers: Germany and Italy. Similar to the Britannia release, there seems to be an air of unease between the two female personifications. Italia stands leaning against a short marble pillar with a cornucopia on the pedestal. Next to her, Germania extends her right hand to the shoulder of Italia as a sign of friendship and extends her left hand to the opposite side as if inviting Italia to join her elsewhere.

    Common Reverse Design

    The mint describes its crowned shield on the reverse as bearing the symbolism of shared moral principles and noble values recognized by people around the world. This quartered shield has various elements that require breaking down to understand the symbolism behind them:

    • Oak wreath border: This symbolizes loyalty, stability, and national unity.
    • Shield: Wielded by warriors for thousands of years, the shield represents truth, faithfulness, and trust.
    • Crown: In heraldry, the crown represents authority, nobility, and chivalry.
    • Bicephalous Eagle: The symbol of the Germania Mint, the Bicephalous eagle is similar to the double-headed eagle used by the German Empire of the 19th and early-20th centuries. The heads face opposite directions in a nod to the past and the future.
    • Checkered pattern: Represents wisdom and prudence.
    • Three wildflowers on a golden ribbon: These represent unity, integrity, and freedom.
    • Wild boar: A symbol of might and power

    Mintage and Packaging for the Allegories Series

    The Germania Mint offers the designs in the Allegories Series in three versions for each release. These options include a 1 oz silver rounds, 2 oz silver rounds, and 5 oz silver rounds. All of the rounds have the same diameter, so as the weight goes up the thickness of each round increases, with the 5 oz silver round dramatically thicker than the other two versions. Mintage for each weight include:

    • 1 oz: 25,000 silver rounds
    • 2 oz: 2,500 silver rounds
    • 5 oz: 500 silver rounds
    • 10 oz: 250 silver rounds

    The 1 oz rounds in the series come with a protective plastic capsule and presentation box. The 2 oz, 5 oz, and 10 oz silver round options feature a protective capsule. All versions of The Allegories Silver Rounds include a Certificate of Authenticity.

    About the Allegories

    Germania is a popular theme for the mint. This personification of Germany and the German people originates from the same point in history as Britannia, the first release from the Allegories Series. As the Roman Empire spread across Europe, the newly gained provinces were given names in the Latin tongue. While Britain was referred to as Britannia, the regions that now comprise modern Germany were known collectively as Germania.

    Over time, as the influence and control of the Roman Empire crumbled away, the people of these nations used those same terms as a means of national identity. In the case of the female personifications that arose, symbolism was added to show the collective strength and national unity of the people who lived in those regions. Below are details on the Allegories featured in the series:

    • Germania: Commonly associated with the Romantic Era and the later Revolutions of 1848 that swept Europe, the figure of Germania was popularly used by the German Empire of the late-19th and early-20th This female personification has long, flowing hair and wears a laurel crown on her head symbolizing heroism. She carries the imperial sword as a representation of power and willingness to fight, while defending herself with a shield that often features the double-headed eagle used by the German Empire.
    • Britannia: The image of Britannia has been in use on British coins since the formal union of England and Scotland in the early-18th Her figure speaks directly to the maritime prowess of Britain. She is often depicted near the water’s edge, a nod to Britain’s coastal defenses throughout the island. She wields the trident as her weapon of choice, a tool which ancient mythology suggested could control the seas. Britannia wears a Corinthian helmet in many depictions, though the Germania Mint Allegories Series design features her with a Roman helmet and plume. Like Germania, Britannia defends herself with a shield, but hers bears the Union Jack flag of the United Kingdom.
    • Columbia: The official female personification of the United States of America, the root of her association with the US comes from the initial discovery and European colonization of the New World. The word Columbia was once used as a name applied to the New World by European civilizations. Columbia was once depicted as an indigenous figure in European art representative of the New World, but by the1730s she was exclusively associated with the Thirteen Colonies that would eventually go on to form the United States of America. By the 1920s, the Statue of Liberty and Lady Liberty replaced Columbia in the minds of Americans, but Liberty is considered an element of the broader representation of Columbia.
    • Italia: The national personification of Italy, the Allegory known as Italia turrita is based on an ancient deity of fertility from the Anatolia region of what is now the nation of Turkey. She was depicted wearing a wall crown on her head. She came to prominence in Italy during the Second Punic War between the Roman Empire and the Carthaginian Empire between 218 BCE and 202 BCE. It was said by Roman priests that Cybele, the Anatolian deity, was the only visual image that could save the city and the empire from Hannibal’s forces. Once a statue of Cybele was moved into the city and erected, the Roman Army finally defeated Hannibal at the gates of the city. Over the centuries to follow, her figure was altered and her role enhanced until 1797 when the modern Italian flag was adopted and images of Italia came to prominence again.

    Germania Series

    Introduced in 2019, the Germania Series is one of the leading options from Germania Mint as it focuses solely on the female personification of the Germanic people. The first design in the series featured the power and majesty of Germania in the most historically accurate depictions of the female Allegory. Germania is shown with a shield in her right hand that bears the double-headed eagle and a sword in her left hand. The second version released in 2020 featured Germania connecting with one of the iconic symbols of Germanic and other nation’s heraldry: the eagle. Germania strikes a confident pose extending her left hand as an eagle comes in to land on her wrist.

    The Germania Series of silver rounds comes with 1 oz silver rounds in BU and proof, as well as a proof gold round and a stunning 6 Precious Metals finish. The 2020 release dropped the 6 Precious Metals option in favor of BU and proof options in gold and silver, while adding a 1 Kilo BU version in silver.

    Germania Beasts Series

    One of the most recent collections introduced by the Germania Mint is the Germania Beasts Series. The Germania Beasts Series debuted with an image of the dragon Fafnir on both fields of the silver rounds. His upper body with front legs and his head feature on one side, while his tail curls around the reverse field of the rounds. The Germania Mint double-headed eagle logo is found at the center.

    What set this release apart from other collections currently available from the Germania Mint is the variety of collectible pieces. A traditional 1 oz Silver BU round was offered in this range, but so too were 2×1 silver rounds with a rhodium-and-gold plating, and a 2 oz Ultra High Relief strike with rhodium in the background and unique chameleon finish on the body of Fafnir.

    The 2×1 oz Silver release offers 2 individual 1 oz silver rounds. The rounds have rhodium-and-gold plating on the fields. One of the silver rounds has gold on the obverse design element and rhodium in the background, while that same round has rhodium on Fafnir’s body on the reverse and gold plating in the background field. When you align this silver round against the other option, which has rhodium obverse designs and gold backgrounds with gold reverse designs and rhodium backgrounds, the design element offers continuity from one side of the round to the next.

    In the 2 oz Ultra High Relief, you’ll find the Fafnir design set against a rhodium background field on both sides. The body of Fafnir has a chameleon colorization on both sides of the silver round that features different colors as you adjust the angle of viewing. The ultra-high-relief strike creates 3D visuals on the design element with greater visual depth to the background field.

    Germania Mythical Forests Series

    One of the original designs from the Germania Mint is that of the Mythical Forests release, a series that debuted in 2019. The debut design in the Mythical Forests Series was that of the Oak Leaf. The oak is held in high regard by the Germanic people, historically speaking. Ancient Germanic tribes viewed the power of the oak as the perfect place for the home of ghosts and gods. Germanic tribes often worshipped at the base of oak trees. The fruit of the tree, its acorns, were considered a source of fertility and said to offer magical abilities when consumed.

    The Germania Mint Oak Leaf release offered some of the highest mintages in the silver range. With 1 oz BU and Proof options in silver, as well as gold rounds, the 1 oz silver BU round had a mintage of 50,000. Its proof counterpart had a mintage cap of 1,000 silver rounds.

    Background on the Germania Mint

    The Germania Mint is a private minting company that produces bullion and commemorative coins. The mint produces both gold and silver bullion options.

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