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    Take Flight with the Zombie Apocalypse in the 2nd Zombucks World Issue

    The launch of a new series of Zombucks Rounds has been met with incredible interest from both fans of the original series and those who are just discovering it for the first time. The original Zombucks Series featured representations of famous American coin designs as viewed through the lens of a zombie apocalypse. Now, the apocalypse is going global and impacting some of the other famous coin design concepts around the world. After the success of the Pandamonium Round as the debut of the Zombucks World Series, the series takes flight with release two and the new Kookaburied design.

    The Kookaburied Design

    On the obverse side of the new 1 oz Zombucks World Kookaburied Silver Round and Copper Round, you will find a left-profile bust of Australia’s beloved kookaburra species. The familiar voice of the Outback appears a bit different here than you might be used to seeing. The apocalypse has managed to catch up with the winged creatures of the world. The kookaburra’s body is deteriorating around it as its feathers literally dissipate from its wings as they flap, showcasing the tiny bone structure of the bird’s wings. The flesh is rotting off the bird’s body and its eye sockets are hollow, completing the zombified look of the creature.

    Common Reverse

    As with other issues in the Zombucks Series, the new Zombucks World Kookaburied Rounds feature the common symbol of the series. Here, the well-known biohazard symbol is set at the center of the field with spores of the infectious disease paralyzing the world floating around in the background. This side of the round includes the phrase ZOMBUCKS – CURRENCY OF THE APOCALYPSE and the identifying hallmarks of the round.

    About Zombucks World

    The original Zombucks Series was a 10-round collection that featured zombified versions of some of the most popular coins from American history. This included new looks at the Morgan Dollar, Seated Liberty, Walking Liberty, and Standing Liberty designs, among others. The new Zombucks World collection offers a different twist on its design focus, showcasing the reach of the zombie apocalypse as it spreads well beyond the borders of the United States.

    As with the original series, the new Zombucks World rounds are playfully considered currency for use during the zombie apocalypse. While this might seem silly, one of the most important tools of survival for any apocalyptic scenario will be the ability to barter one good for another, and that’s where your Zombucks could potentially come in handy.

    Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

    The concept of a zombie apocalypse has been a fixture of popular media over the last two decades and has served as the focal point of both television series and feature films. One of the keys to survival in an apocalypse is going to be the ability to trade goods. Silver and copper rounds could be just the thing to trade, at the height of an apocalypse or even in the aftermath as life tries to find a way back to normal. The idea behind the Zombucks World Series is, of course, to have a little fun with these popular precious metal designs, but also to put a little silver and copper in your pocket for a raining day. Here’s hoping that isn’t a deadly acid rain!

    Continue Your Collection with the Kookaburied Release

    The Zombucks World Series is just getting started! For the debut Pandamonium release, collectors swooped in quickly to push sales for the first design to a total of 50,000 silver rounds and 30,000 copper rounds. You can expect the Kookaburied issue to generate similar interest, so don’t wait to add this round to your collection! JM Bullion customer service is available to assist you at 800-276-6508, online using our web chat, and via our email address.

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