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    PAMP Suisse Silver Bars

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    PAMP Suisse Silver Bullion Bars

    Known officially as Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux, PAMP Suisse is widely considered the leading bullion brand in the world. It produces bullion bars in silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. Its Fortuna Series was the first ever silver bar for sale in the world with an intricate design on either side. Today, PAMP Suisse has expanded its collection of intricately designed silver bullion bars to include a variety of different options suitable to the interests of any investors or collector. Below, you can learn all about PAMP Suisse silver bullion bars.

    Fortuna Series Silver Bars

    Fortuna was the Roman goddess of fortune and was associated with early Roman religions as a personification of good luck and fortune. Her figure is often depicted in various ways, such as wearing a veil over her face or blindfold over her eyes. Other key symbols used in depictions of Fortuna include the cornucopia, a wheel, and wheat stalks. The design used by PAMP Suisse incorporates a variety of these symbols.

    On the obverse of PAMP Suisse Fortuna Silver Bars is the left-profile portrait of Fortuna. She is depicted wearing a blindfold over her eyes with a cornucopia on her head that winds down to her waist. Here, you’ll find her hands clasped together as she collects a wealth of coinage falling from the cornucopia. The reverse of the bars includes the PAMP Suisse logo, the weight, purity, metal content, and the serial number of the bars.

    Rosa Series Silver Bars

    Another popular selection of silver bars from PAMP Suisse is the Rosa Series. These bars are available with much of the same variety that you’ll find in the Fortuna collection, but with a simpler design. On the obverse of the Rosa Silver Bars from PAMP Suisse, you’ll find the image of a single rose stem. On this stem are a number of leaves and small rose blossoms, all of which is topped by a large rose blossom. The reverse side of Rosa Silver Bars features the same design elements found on the Fortuna Bars and other silver bullion products from PAMP Suisse.

    Lunar Series Silver Bars

    Perhaps the most distinctive series of silver bars from PAMP Suisse is the Lunar Series. Introduced in 2012 with the Year of the Dragon, the Lunar Series of bars are available from PAMP Suisse primarily as silver and gold bullion options. The collection launched with the fifth animal in the 12-year cycle. The dragon is the most significant mythical beast in Chinese culture because of its historical and modern use. Today, it is the modern symbol of the nation. Historically, as a symbol of power and military strength, the dragon was adopted by emperors to associate with the might of their reign.

    Each of the bars in the PAMP Lunar Series has its own, unique design. Many of these silver bullion bars have a similar design concept, while more recent issues have their own unique options:

    • Year of the Dragon: The first bar in the collection, the Year of the Dragon issue features the image of a snake-like dragon figure wrapped around a pole with its feet gripping the pole as it body slithers upward. On the obverse and reverse, you can see opposing images of the dragon from a front view and a rear view.
    • Year of the Snake: The Snake design on these silver bars is reminiscent of the inaugural dragon release. The snake’s body wraps around a bamboo pole in this design, with different portions of its body visible depending on whether you are viewing the obverse or reverse of the bar.
    • Year of the Horse: In this third design, a young stallion is depicted standing in front of a tree with its body obstructed by the trunk of the tree when viewing the reverse side of the bar.
    • Year of the Goat: The fourth design of this series was the first to divulge from the initial design concepts. Rather than depicting the same scene from opposing sides, the Year of the Goat silver bar features the design of an adult goat standing in front of a small bush on the obverse. The reverse face of the bar includes a different angle on the same design, allowing you to see that a young kid (baby goat) is visible resting behind that bush.
    • Year of the Monkey: For this release, the Year of the Monkey design reverted to the original opposing views. On the obverse side, a monkey is depicted walking along the branch of a tree passed the trunk. The reverse side of the bar, you can see only portions of the monkey’s body as the truck obstructs its torso.
    • Year of the Rooster: The Year of the Rooster issue was unique in its own right. The rooster is depicted on the obverse standing on the edge of a cliff looking back behind it. The reverse features the same rooster, but offers a viewpoint that seems to come from off that same cliff ledge looking back away from the viewer.
    • Year of the Dog: For the Year of the Dog, PAMP Suisse mimicked the designs of its Year of the Goat release. On the obverse, you can see the image of a large retriever sitting in front of a fence with a dog house visible in the background. The reverse side of these bars offers a view from the other side of the fence, allowing you to see a puppy in the dog house with the fence in the middle ground and part of the adult dog in the background.
    • Year of the Pig: The 2019 release was the Year of the Pig, again offering two different angles on the same design field. The obverse features an adult pig in a field with a fence behind it. The reverse offers the image from the other side, where you can see little piglets by an open chest of coins.

    All of the PAMP Suisse Lunar Silver Bars are available to you housed inside of individual PAMP Suisse assay card packaging that uses Veriscan technology. Multiples are housed differently depending on the weights of the silver bars in question. Silver in this series includes 10 gram, 1 oz, and 100 Gram silver bar options.

    PAMP Suisse Branded Bars

    While there are options from PAMP Suisse that include intricate designs, investors can select from PAMP Suisse’s simpler, branded bars. The standard PAMP Suisse silver bar features the PAMP Suisse logo, weight, metal content, purity, and serial number engraved on the obverse. The reverse features a repeating logo only.

    Purchasing PAMP Suisse Silver Bullion Bars

    If you’re interested in buying silver bars online from JM Bullion, PAMP Suisse offers a great deal of variety with beautiful designs. Please feel free to reach out to JM Bullion with your questions at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or simply send us an email with your inquiries.