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    Morgan Silver Bars

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    Morgan Silver Bullion Bars

    Who doesn’t want to turn the abstract currency reflected in his or her bank balance into a valuable physical artifact for display? Bullion bars offer a reasonably priced way to change cash into commodities. Morgan silver bars are a wonderful means to enter the exciting world of precious metals, and they are suitable for purchase by new collectors and seasoned professionals alike.

    What Are They?

    Morgan silver bars are a sensible foundation for an entry into the burgeoning silver collecting field. Available in a variety of weights, the Morgan bar, made in America at the Highland Mint, commemorates the storied history of the United States by paying tribute to the Morgan silver dollar coin from more than a century ago. Morgan silver bars are popular internationally; as bullion bars, they are available for only a small increase over the value of silver, due to low fabrication costs.


    The bars feature a double-sided design. On their face, the bars feature Morgan’s depiction of Lady Liberty, as well as embossed text listing the weight of the bar in Troy ounces and attesting to their status as an American-made product. Their obverse side features a distinctive diagonal gridded pattern. All Morgan bars carry the mint mark of the Highland Mint. The mint’s careful work ensures the quality of the design and a high level of detail on the Liberty inscription.


    The Morgan bar has its roots in the Morgan silver dollar, a coin minted in the United States mostly in the late 19th century, when it replaced the Peace Dollar. The coin derived its name from designer George Morgan, an English-born coinsmith. The design featured the face of Lady Liberty on one side and a bald eagle on the other. Morgan’s other designs include a commemorative coin for the Colombian Exposition and an unreleased $100 gold coin.

    The model for Liberty, Anna Willess Williams, was the daughter of Morgan’s acquaintance Henry Williams. Despite her lack of ambitions in the modelling field, she sat for five sessions with Morgan, who declared her profile to be the best that he ever worked with. Although Anna sought anonymity for this work, she was eventually found out by a Philadelphia reporter, and unwanted fame as the “Silver Dollar Girl” resulted. Williams shied away from the spotlight, ducking offered stage engagements in favor of the quiet life of a schoolteacher; years later, she dismissed the events as a youthful caprice.

    Jump forward a hundred years. The Highland Mint began operating in the 1980s, during an era in which the U.S. government began selling off its silver bullion stock. The Highland Mint mainly focuses on producing sports-related commemorative coins and valuables, as well as small-batch custom minting. However, the mint maintains the Morgan bar line as a connection to the past of America’s currency. Highland is based in Melbourne, Florida.


    The chief reason for the popularity of bullion bars is their low fabrication costs relative to other more press-intensive coins. Morgan bars are a wonderful example of this value, offering a low-cost way to transform your money into a commodity. The Morgan design offers a nostalgic touch for sentimentalists, and the exacting standards of the Highland Mint guarantee the purity and quality of each and every bar pressed.

    Purchasing Information

    JM Bullion customers can purchase Morgan bars in three weights: 1 oz, 5 oz, and 10 oz. As one of the world’s most popular silver bar designs, Morgan bars are usually produced in large quantities making them readily available. Take home a piece of American history with these silver bars commemorating one of the United States' most popular coins of all time.