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    25 oz Silver Bars

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    25 oz Silver Bars from JM Bullion

    One of the greatest benefits of buying silver is the variety of options. Those investors buying silver will find bars in various designs, styles, and weights from countless different mints. The most common types of silver bars are cast bars and minted ingots, but there is also a growing selection of hand-poured and hand-stamped silver bars available as well.

    At JM Bullion, we strive to offer silver buyers a wide selection of silver bars for sale. On this page, you’ll find out a little more information on some of the 25 oz silver bars we carry in our inventory as well as some useful facts on the mints behind the production of these bars.

    Investment-Grade Silver Bars

    The vast majority of 25 oz silver bars aren’t produced with beautiful designs that would catch the eye of those silver buyers who collect silver products. A bar this large is ideal for investment because it offers a good balance between physical size and a better premium on silver relative to the weight of the bar when compared to a 1 oz silver bar. As such, the designs you’ll find on 25 oz silver bars are likely to be simpler in nature.

    Stackable Silver Bars

    One example of a 25 oz silver bar available to purchase from JM Bullion is the 25 oz Hand Poured Stackable Silver Bar from Monarch Precious Metals. These bars are somewhat of a hybrid between traditional cast silver bars and refined, minted ingots. The bars have rough, matte finishes and are hand poured into molds at Monarch Precious Metals’ refinery location. The logos and markings on the bar are then hand stamped into the surface during the cooling process. However, each bar has squared edges that are atypical of hand-poured products which enable buyers to easily stack the silver bars for storage.

    The Monarch Precious Metals bars mentioned above have simple designs on the primary face, with blank reverse sides. The Monarch Precious Metals logo is stamped into the bars, along with weight, purity, and metal content of the bars.

    About Monarch Precious Metals

    Monarch Precious Metals is one of the newer mints in the industry. It was founded in the Rogue Valley of southern Oregon in 2008 to refine silver and gold in the midst of the Great Recession. All of Monarchs products are refined using .999 purity, with hand-poured and hand-stamped processes the central premise of its production.

    Buying 25 oz Silver Bars from JM Bullion

    If you need any help as you make your purchase of 25 oz silver bars, don’t hesitate to reach out to JM Bullion. Our customer service team is available to you at 800-276-6508, online using our live web chat, and via our email address.