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    Rand Refinery

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    Rand Refinery Bullion from JM Bullion

    One of the most trusted global bullion brands is Rand Refinery. Founded in 1920 in South Africa, the Rand Refinery is situated in a region of the world that can accurately be described as a hotbed of gold mining and gold bullion refining. Most investors are already familiar with the South African Gold Krugerrand, a product lineup the Rand Refinery helps produce and promote, but not all may be aware of the Rand Refinery’s other gold bullion lineup. This includes its own brand of minted ingots. Read on to learn more about the Rand Refinery and its minted gold ingots.

    Rand Refinery Minted Gold Ingots

    Among the primary gold bullion options from the Rand Refinery is the 1 oz Rand Refinery Gold Bar. A 1 oz gold minted ingot, the Rand Refinery Gold Bar has precision edges with beautiful design elements on the obverse and reverse faces of the bar. Each of these bars is available from the refinery with an individually sealed assay pack, whether you purchase one gold bar or several. The assay card packs predominantly available from the Rand Refinery include red or black assay card options, with authentication details on the assay card and a unique serial number assigned to each of the bars. All Rand Refinery Gold Bars have .9999 pure gold content.

    On the obverse side of each Rand Refinery Gold Bar, you will find the mint name and logo, along with the weight, purity, metal content, and serial number of the bar. These markings are arranged vertically down the obverse face of the bar. The Rand Refinery logo and name are at the top of the bar, followed by the periodic symbol for gold, the purity, weight, and metal content of the bar below that. At the bottom of the bar, you will find the unique serial number assigned to each specimen. These serial numbers consist of two letters and six numbers, with all bars starting with “RR” for Rand Refinery.

    The reverse face of 1 oz Rand Refinery Gold Bars features the images of one of the best-known animal species from the African continent. The African bush elephant is shown in a family herd marching in a line together. A matriarchal society, you can assume the lead elephant in the line is the elder female of the herd leading the march as her young calf clutches her tail with its trunk to keep close tabs on mom while marching along. Another adult elephant follows up behind the calf. This image repeats down the surface of the bar, with each line of elephants marching in a different direction of left-to-right then right-to-left.

    Unique Packaging

    As mentioned above, the Rand Refinery minted gold ingots in this listing are available with sealed assay cards. The cards come in red or black options, with color being the only difference between the cards and packaging. All bars are otherwise packaged the same with the same identifying information found on the assay cards.

    History of other Rand Refinery Products

    The Rand Refinery Gold Bars available from JM Bullion are part of a lineup of gold bullion minted ingots that include six additional weights beyond these 1 oz gold bars. Those weights include two options heavier than 1 Troy oz at 50 Grams and 100 Grams, as well as four weights lighter than the 1 Troy oz bar at 2 Grams, 5 Gram, 10 Grams, and 20 Grams. The lineup even offers this same design in a 1 oz silver bar.

    Additionally, the Rand Refinery offers Good Delivery gold and silver bars. These cast bars include only a 1000 Troy oz silver bar, with 100 oz, 400 oz, 100 Grams, and 1000 Grams available in its gold cast bars as well. The cast gold bars have a minimum gold content of .995 pure gold.

    Background on the Rand Refinery

    The Rand Refinery was established over a century ago in 1920 by the Chamber of Mines in South Africa. The expressed purpose of founding the Rand Refiner was to provide South Africa with the domestic capacity to refine gold. Prior to this time, all gold mined in South Africa was sent to London for refining by the Royal Mint of England.

    Today, the Rand Refinery works closely with the South African Mint and South African Reserve Bank on the production, marketing, and distribution of the world-famous South African Gold Krugerrand. The Rand Refinery is the exclusive provider of the gold refined into gold bullion blanks for the South African Mint, but the Krugerrands are produced by the South African Mint as it is the only facility in South Africa with the legal power to coin the legal tender currency. This includes the South African Krugerrands.

    However, the Rand Refinery has expanded in recent years into a full-service refinery. It continues to provide gold blanks to the South African Mint and later market and distribute Krugerrands, but now also produces minted gold ingots, cast gold bars, minted silver ingots, and cast silver bars.

    Buying Rand Refinery Gold at JM Bullion

    If you want to add a world-renowned brand to your bullion holdings, JM Bullion has the answer in the form of these Rand Refinery Gold Bars. Please direct your questions to us at 800-276-6508. You can also chat with us live online or email us with your questions.