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    Geiger Edelmetalle

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    Geiger Edelmetalle Bullion Online

    Geiger Edelmetalle is a German refiner of gold and silver bullion products, and the producer of the popular Security Line of silver bars. JM Bullion offers a variety of Geiger Edelmetalle security silver bars in varying sizes. But who is Geiger Edelmetalle, and how can you feel confident that this European mint’s silver and other metal goods will enhance your investment portfolio? Read on to learn more about this esteemed German mint that's beginning to make a mark on the United States.

    Who is Geiger Edelmetalle?

    Geiger Edelmetalle is the oldest silver trading house still operating in Germany and one of the leading names in the precious metal investment sector. Since its inception, Geiger Edelmetalle has expanded its offices across the world to better service its loyal clientele.

    Geiger Edelmetalle’s history dates back to 1218, when its founders helped establish Germany’s first silver trade in Leipzig. The trade was quickly embraced by people around the world. From its offices near the majestic Schloss Güldengossa castle, Geiger Edelmetalle carries on its proud tradition of excellence in precious metals.

    Geiger Edelmetalle's Precious Metal Products

    Geiger Edelmetalle creates a range of precious metal products for investors and collectors. Its in-house production ensures Geiger Edelmetalle can quickly respond to the market and create bullion and other metal goods to meet consumer demand. They offer bars as small as 1 gram and as large as 100 troy ounces with many sizes in between.

    The mint also happily offers unbiased advice, independent of banks, about precious metal investments. Geiger Edelmetalle is proud to not only offer practical expertise but also vast knowledge about the silver trade to potential customers.

    Minting Technologies

    Geiger Edelmetalle has a rich history, but it embraces modern technology. The company uses the latest developments to ensure all its metal goods are of the highest quality. This blend of tradition and contemporary craftsmanship, along with security features rarely seen in domestic bullion, help make Geiger Edelmetalle unique.

    Geiger Edelmetalle: The Trusted Name

    Geiger Edelmetalle employs a range of security features that instills trust in potential buyers and minimizes counterfeiting attempts. All of its popular silver security bars feature ribbed edges, so scratches and other damage will be apparent. Its pearl front is made using technology only found at the company’s German mint. The reverse side has a unique texture made up of the company’s distinct LEV rhombus, which also makes any manipulation visible. The LEV stands for Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung. A security label on the base helps Geiger Edelmetalle trace the manufacturing process of each bar it creates.

    Since 2013, Geiger Edelmetalle enhanced its security features with a stronger relief painted with UV-reflecting varnish. Access to this special varnish is incredibly limited, so it’s difficult to replicate the effect. Under UV light, collectors can see the year of minting and LEV rhombus on all genuine Geiger Edelmetalle security silver bars made since these new innovations were introduced.

    Learn more about their security features below:

    Precious Metals Offered

    Geiger Edelmetalle deals exclusively with gold, silver, platinum and palladium. For the most part, all of Geiger Edelmetalle's products have a superior fineness rating of 999. The raw materials are sourced exclusively from certified and licensed suppliers under the good delivery Standard of the London Bullion Market Association.

    Geiger Edelmetalle uses these high-quality metals to create traditional bullion bars and coins, as well as novelty pieces including collectible rabbits, stars, and hearts. The German company will also take commissions and custom orders at any time on request.

    Geiger Edelmetalle Bullion

    Geiger Edelmetalle offers bullion bars and coins made to appeal to collectors and investors alike. Each one features the emblem of the Geiger parent house; the Schloss Guldengossa which has become a hallmark of the company, as well as a guarantee of its quality and pedigree.

    Some of the company’s most popular bullion items are the silver security bars from the Schloss Güldengossa collection. Each one features enhanced security features that protect consumer investments and the detailed image of Geiger Edelmetalle’s historic Baroque castle that shares its name. The reverse side features the name of the mint and the bar’s size.

    These quality silver bars are accessible for consumers with a range of budgets, as they’re available in a selection of sizes, from the tiny one gram pieces to large 100 ounce bullion bars. The five and 10 gram bars make popular birthday and graduation gifts while the one ounce bars make a great start to any investment portfolio.

    Availability of Geiger Edelmetalle Bullion

    Geiger Edelmetalle bullion and other investment pieces are available directly from the German company and trusted retailers around the world, including JM Bullion.