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    Credit Suisse

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    Bullion Precious Metals from Credit Suisse

    Credit Suisse is one of the most respected names in both the financial industry and the precious metals industry. In fact, Credit Suisse is one of the few precious metal refiners that simultaneously operates its own financial institutions. As you shop for silver and gold for sale online, you’ll find that Credit Suisse is a purveyor of bullion bars in metals ranging from gold and silver to platinum and palladium.

    Bullion Bars from Credit Suisse

    The vast majority of bullion bars available from Credit Suisse come with the same design. As is the case with many other precious metal producers around the globe, Credit Suisse focuses its production efforts on minted ingots with the brand logo. These products are aimed at investors more than collectors

    Generally speaking, Credit Suisse bullion bars have the same obverse design. On this side of the bars, you’ll find the logo of the refinery at the top of the bar. Engravings are arranged vertically from the top to the bottom. The Credit Suisse logo in question is simple and includes a rectangle with the words “Credit Suisse” inside. Other markings include the weight, purity, and metal content of the bar, along with an assayer’s mark and individual serial number.

    The reverse side of the bars tends to have an even simpler design concept. Most feature the logo mentioned above in a repeating pattern across the reverse surface, with the design set on a 45-degree angle.

    When shipped and sold in brand-new condition, these bars are often housed in protective packaging and feature an assay card that verifies the weight, purity, metal content, assayer’s signature, and the individual serial number assigned to the product.

    History of Credit Suisse

    Among the international refiners of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, Credit Suisse has a unique history. Today, Credit Suisse is an international investment bank and financial services provider, but its origins are much more localized within Switzerland. Founded in Zurich in 1856, the expressed purpose of Credit Suisse was to help fund the construction of the national rail system in the country. The new bank-issued loans to help get rail projects moving. Credit Suisse would eventually issue loans that powered the construction and growth of the entire European rail system and the national electrical grid in Switzerland.

    Buy Credit Suisse Bullion from JM Bullion

    When you shop our catalog, you’ll find popular gold and platinum bars available from Credit Suisse along with a variety of other products. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service team at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or simply send us an email with your inquiries.