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    Harry Potter Silver Coins

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    Experience the Magic of the Harry Potter Series of Silver Coin

    For nearly two decades, the wizarding world of Harry Potter captured the imagination of children, teens, and adults alike around the world. The fantasy novels were written by British author J.K. Rowling and the first book, The Philosopher’s Stone (The Sorcerer’s Stone in the US), was released in 1997. Over the course of a decade, Rowling’s seven novels followed the life of the wizard Harry Potter. Starting in 2001, a series of eight feature films earned billions at the global box office. Now, precious metals enthusiasts with a love for all things Harry Potter have a chance to purchase brilliantly colorized silver coins with eight of the primary characters from the feature film series.

    Details of the Harry Potter Colorized Silver Coin Series

    The Harry Potter Series of silver coins for sale includes a total of eight issues. Each coin has a colorized reverse design that captures the actor or actress who portrayed a Harry Potter character in the feature films. The coins are housed individually inside a presentation box that includes a themed shipping box that has photo artwork of the actor in the role of the character portrayed on the reverse field of the coin.

    Each coin also comes with a beautiful Certificate of Authenticity that was produced using 2 Grams of .999 pure silver. The individual design releases are limited to just 2,000 coins. The coins are proof specimens that have frosted elements and mirrored fields.

    Shared Design of the Harry Potter Series Reverse

    All of the coins in the Harry Potter Colorized Silver Series have the same reverse design. Here, you will find the Fijian Coat of Arms. The national crest of Fiji is a quartered shield that has native flora and fauna in each of its four quadrants. There is a lion in the passing guardant pose at the top of the shield, while a Polynesian canoe with outrigger is above the shield. On either side of the shield is a Fijian figure supporting the national symbol.

    Obverse Designs in the Harry Potter Series

    The Harry Potter Colorized Silver Series includes eight designs in total. There are four characters known to be good, morally centered wizards and witches, while the four other characters have suspect backgrounds and intentions, to say the least. Included in the Harry Potter Colorized Silver Series are the following characters:

    • Harry Potter: The boy who survived, Harry Potter is the focal point of the entire series. His story starts when he is just an infant and he survives the death spell cast by Lord Voldemort that killed his parents, but did not take his life. Actor Daniel Radcliffe portrayed Potter in all eight films.
    • Hermione Granger: The most impressive and skilled witch featured in the films, Hermione Granger is exceptionally skilled with charms and potions, and is very knowledgeable. A very close friend of Harry, we learn that she eventually falls in love with his best friend, Ron Weasley. Actress Emma Watson portrayed Granger in the films.
    • Ron Weasley: The lovable goofball, Ron Weasley came from a full-blooded magical family. His siblings all attended Hogwarts and his father worked for the Ministry of Magic. Ron isn’t the best when it comes to spells, charms, and his general magic, but he’s a loyal friend to Harry and eventually admits to his affection for Hermione. Rupert Grint portrayed Ron Weasley in all of the films of the series.
    • Albus Dumbledore: The headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry throughout most of the novels and feature films, Albus Dumbledore is arguably one of the most powerful wizards in the world. A benevolent leader and critical thinker, Professor Dumbledore is a leader in the fight to combat the rise of the Dark Lord. Two men portrayed Dumbledore in the films, with actor Michael Gambon featured on these coins as he portrayed Dumbledore in films 3-8 following the death of Richard Harris.
    • Severus Snape: Long portrayed throughout the feature films as devious in nature, Professor Snape is actually a double-agent working for Professor Dumbledore as a spy on dark magicians to help combat Lord Voldemort. It isn’t until the final moments of the series that we learn he had a love for Harry’s mother, worked to protect Harry throughout his life, and did what he could to slow the actions of evil witches and wizards attached to the Dark Lord. Alan Rickman portrayed Snape in the films.
    • Draco Malfoy: Though he’s portrayed as evil in the films, Malfoy is, in reality, a coward. The foil to Harry at Hogwarts, Draco is recruited by the Dark Lord to try and kill Dumbledore, but he is too cowardly to carry out the act. In the end, he slinks away in the final scenes and does not pick a side, good or evil. Tom Felton portrayed Malfoy in the feature films.
    • Bellatrix LeStrange: There is no question in the films that Bellatrix LeStrange is an evil witch. A devout follower of Lord Voldemort, she enters the series as a prisoner in Azkaban Prison who escapes with several other evil witches and wizards. LeStrange is the aunt to Draco Malfoy and cousin of Sirius Black, the godfather of Harry Potter. In her background, LeStrange is known to have killed Neville Longbottom’s parents, kills Sirius Black in the storyline, and is herself killed by Ron Weasley’s mother. Helena Bonham Carter portrayed LeStrange in the films.
    • Lord Voldemort: The evilest wizard in the world, Lord Voldemort believes in ridding the world of half-blood, or muggle, wizards and witches. Destroyed by his own death curse cast on Harry Potter’s parents, it was Harry Potter himself who could destroy the Dark Lord through that connection and save the world from evil. Ralph Fiennes portrayed Voldemort in the feature films.

    Hogwarts House Silver Foils

    When the students arrive at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at the age of 11 as first-year, the sorting hat determines which residential house in Hogwarts a student is assigned to for their time in school. There are a total of four houses in Hogwarts, each with unique characteristics and traits in the students assigned to those houses. Each individual house was founded by a different original professor and founder of Hogwarts.

    The Hogwarts House Silver Foils are housed inside of individual acrylic capsules that enable the viewer to see the designs on both sides. The capsule and foil ship in a themed box with artwork commemorating the house emblem as found on the reverse of the foil. Queen Elizabeth II is depicted on the obverse of all foils in the popular 1998 effigy from Ian Rank-Broadley. The silver foils contain 5 Grams, .16075 Troy oz, of .999 pure silver in BU condition and have a face value of $1 (NZD) backed by Niue. There are just 10,000 silver foils issued per design.

    The available designs in the Hogwarts House Silver Foil collection include:

    • Gryffindor: The leading house featured in the novels and films, Gryffindor is for good witches and wizards and depicts a roaring lion on the center of the crest with red flames. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are all residents of Gryffindor.
    • Slytherin: Perceived by many as the house for evil witches and wizards, the reality is that Salazar Slytherin founded the house for those with individual ambition and a zest for leadership. Snape is the leader of Slytherin house and Malfoy is its most prominent resident throughout the series. Green and silver are the house colors and the snake is its symbol.
    • Ravenclaw: Luna Lovegood embodies the spirit of Ravenclaw house with her uniqueness and desire to protect her individuality. Consider weird and an outsider, that is the exact type of attitude valued in a Ravenclaw student. The house shield has colors of blue and brown with an eagle as its emblem.
    • Hufflepuff: Most prominent during the Triwizard Tournament, Hufflepuff students are diligent, fair, kind and tolerant of others. Cedric Diggory is the primary character we meet from the Harry Potter series and has a brief run as he is killed by Voldemort at the end of the tournament. The house colors are yellow and black with the badger as its emblem.

    Other Harry Potter Coins

    Beyond the aforementioned collections, you’ll find some fun 3D bullion coins based on themes from Harry Potter. These include a silver coin shaped like the famous Sorting Hat and a gilded silver coin that reflect the Snitch from Quidditch.

    Collect Your Harry Potter Silver from JM Bullion

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