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    Buying Disney Gold Coins Online

    With demand for silver and gold coins on the rise, mints and refineries around the globe are searching for new designs to deliver for investors and collectors alike who covet the purity of precious metal coins, and the beautiful designs featured on proof specimens. Among the rising tide of design themes at the moment are Disney Gold Coins, available from a number of mints at this time.

    There are numerous mints focusing on the prominence of Disney. Founded on the back of a single mouse and the vision of Walt Disney and his brother Roy, the Disney Corporation is one of the largest and most profitable businesses in the world today. Its variety of products and characters range from the lovable couple of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, to its theme parks of Disneyland in California, and the massive Disney World facility in Orlando, Florida. It was only a matter of time before these beloved characters who have dominated popular culture for more than 80 years came to the precious metals industry.

    Disney Gold Coins are available in a variety of different sets. For example, the New Zealand Mint has a portfolio of options ranging from the Disney Princesses collection to the Disney Classics collection. The latter of these two collections features an exciting coin set that any serious Mickey Mouse fan has to own. The Disney Classics collection contains a sub-category of coins known as Mickey Through the Ages, which follows the evolution of Mickey Mouse throughout the course of nearly 90 years of feature films and animated shorts.

    Brief Background on the Series

    Mickey Through the Ages started with the launch of a coin featuring the image of Mickey Mouse from the iconic animated short Steamboat Willie. Released in 1928, the cartoon is widely regarded as the debut of Mickey Mouse and his girlfriend Minnie Mouse. While both Mickey and Minnie had appeared previously in test screenings of other films, Walt Disney held out putting any previous animated shorts into production because he wanted Steamboat Willie to be different, and he knew just what was required.

    Disney envisioned the future of animated film as one in which all sounds were synchronized with the picture on the screen. When he released Steamboat Willie, it was the first cartoon to feature synchronized sound of the characters, their voices, and the musical score for the film. It was also the first cartoon to feature a fully post-produced soundtrack.

    Steamboat Willie may have broke the mold for Disney, but it wouldn’t be the last time that a Disney animated short featuring Mickey Mouse would set a new precedent. The New Zealand Mint’s second release of a Mickey Through the Ages coin captured the brilliance of Disney yet again with the famed Band Concert Coin.

    Mickey Mouse The Band Concert Series

    The 2nd release of the Mickey Through the Ages program is the Mickey Mouse The Band Concert Series. Fast forwarding to the 1930s, this coin depiction is based upon the animated short The Band Concert, which was released in 1935 and featured Mickey Mouse as the leader of a band that struggles to complete a public performance of the William Tell overture through the repeated interruptions of Donald Duck. A member of the concessions crew, Donald is intent on performing with the small music band, but consistently interrupts with his own rendition of “Turkey in the Straw.”

    What set The Band Concert apart even from Steamboat Willie was the use of color. This was the first-ever Mickey Mouse film to feature brilliant full color, and was produced in 3-strip Technicolor by Walt Disney Productions and released with United Artists. The film was largely a musical display, with the few speaking lines in the film going to Donald Duck.

    For the Mickey Mouse The Band Concert Series, the New Zealand Mint released four coins in total. There was a brilliant, colorized 1 oz silver coin with a mintage of 10,000 and a face value of $2 (NZD), but it was the Disney Gold Coins in this collection that garnered more attention for their pure gold and lower mintage figures.

    The Mickey Mouse The Band Concert Series featured the following three coin options, including the details of each:

    • 2016 1 Gram Mickey Mouse Gold Coin
      • Maximum mintage set at 5,000 coins for global distribution.
      • Contains ½ Gram (.016 Troy oz) of .9999 pure gold.
      • Face value of $2.50 (NZD) is fully backed by the government of Niue.
      • Ships encapsulated in a colorized, printed card with The Band Concert
      • Back of the colorized, printed card includes Certificate of Authenticity.
    • 2016 ¼ oz Mickey Mouse Gold Coin
      • Maximum mintage set at 1,000 coins for global distribution.
      • Contains ¼ Troy oz of .9999 pure gold.
      • Bears a face value of $25 (NZD) backed by the government of Niue.
      • Arrives in a wooden inner coin case with a themed outer package for shipping.
      • Ships with a Certificate of Authenticity.
    • 2016 1 oz Mickey Mouse Gold Coin
      • Maximum mintage set at 500 coins for global distribution.
      • Contains 1 Troy oz of .9999 pure gold.
      • Issued a face value of $250 (NZD) by the government of Niue.
      • Ships to you in a wooden inner coin case and themed packaging.
      • Includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

    On the reverse of the coin you’ll find the image of Mickey Mouse in costume as the bandleader from The Band Concert. Mickey is featured directing the band from atop his soapbox as musical sheets have fallen to the floor and musical notes float around in the air.

    The obverse of each 2016 New Zealand Mickey Mouse The Band Concert Series Gold coin features Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty’s right-profile portrait was created by Ian Rank-Broadley in 1998, and serves as the official obverse design for the majority of commonwealth coins.

    History of the New Zealand Mint

    The New Zealand Mint was founded in 1967 as a privately-owned company. It not only olds the distinction of being the only private mint in New Zealand, it is also the only precious metals mint in the country, period. The government of New Zealand receives all of its coinage and paper banknotes overseas. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand authorizes the production of national currency by the Royal Mint in London and the Royal Canadian Mint.

    Since its founding, the New Zealand Mint has established a track record as one of the finest producers of gold and silver bullion, proof, and commemorative pieces, as well as medallions and other precious metal products. Operating under the motto of “Minters of the South Pacific,” the New Zealand Mint also produces a variety of coinage for numerous smaller island nations throughout the South Pacific, including Fiji, the Cook Islands, Tuvalu, and Niue.

    Purchasing Disney Gold Coins from JM Bullion

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