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    Tis The Season for Gifting Silver

    Posted on November 23, 2021

    The Christmas season is just around the corner and with Black Friday coming up this week, the official start of the Christmas shopping season is on the horizon. The two biggest shopping days on the calendar each year are Black Friday and Cyber Monday at the start of the following week. In 2020, Cyber Monday far exceeded the eCommerce revenue of Black Friday, driven largely by the COVID pandemic, with the former exceeding the latter by $1.8 billion in revenue. JM Bullion has a variety of deals awaiting on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with a particular focus on our lineup of Christmas-themed bullion for 2021. Explore the new Christmas items you’ll find online as you shop this holiday season.

    Holiday Bars

    1 oz silver bars are a popular option during the Christmas season. These bars have varying obverse designs, with a common reverse design. Most are designed and produced by SilverTowne, one of America’s most prominent private mints. This year’s newest Christmas bar design is the Happy Holiday Snowman Silver Bar. This silver bar is available in both standard silver and a colorized silver bar. The obverse design on these bars includes the head of a snowman with a pipe in his mouth, ear muffs, a top hat, and a scarf. The design field includes a greeting of HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

    Holiday Christmas Rounds

    Like silver bars, Christmas silver rounds come in both beautiful silver finishes and colorized silver options. The selection of traditional silver rounds for the 2021 holiday season includes the following designs:

    • Merry Christmas Rocking Horse: the design on the obverse features a wooden rocking horse with a thick mane and tail, as well as a seasonal greeting of MERRY CHRISTMAS.
    • Bless All the Children Nativity: this design captures the scene after Jesus Christ is born. Mary kneels by the manger as Baby Jesus quietly sleeps. A small lamb is next to the manger and Joseph is nearby with the Star of Bethlehem overhead.
    • Happy Hanukkah: for those celebrating the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, there is a round with a menorah at the center of the Star of David on the obverse design field.

    If you’re looking for colorized silver rounds, the Christmas season delivers in style. Each of these rounds comes with a drawstring felt bag for delivery and a capsule that has a small loop at the top so you can display these rounds on your tree this Christmas. Options include:

    • Merry Christmas Wreath: this colorized design brings all the colors of the season together as an evergreen wreath is dotted by holly leaves, berries, and other colors with white snowflakes in the field.
    • Snowing Santa: the jolly man of the north features in this design as a rotund Santa Claus is featured wearing a red-and-white suite with black gloves and black buttons. The background field includes falling snow.
    • Christmas Trio: this design field includes a snowman, reindeer, and polar bear standing in the snow as fresh snow falls in the background field. Each one of the figures is wearing a red scarf with a red Santa cap.
    • Happy Holidays Wreath: the brilliant design on this round has a robust evergreen wreath with stars, bells, candy canes, and holly within the wreath as a large red bow is shown at the top.

    Holiday Coins

    The New Zealand Mint offers 2021 holiday-themed designs with limited mintages for the upcoming holiday season. There is a Harry Potter-themed design with an image of Hogwarts that is perfect for the winter season. The mint also offers a Mickey Mouse Season’s Greetings design with a colorized image of Mickey Mouse dressed as Santa Claus leaning against a pile of wrapped presents with evergreens in the background.

    PEZ Dispensers

    PAMP Suisse is behind one of the most popular releases of the last 18 months. PEZ dispensers with PEZ silver wafers have proven immensely popular, with each seasonal release from Spring and Summer designs to holiday themes selling out quickly. JM Bullion has a limited number of 30 Gram PAMP Suisse Silver Elf PEZ Wafers and Dispensers. The set features six individual 5 Gram silver wafers with .9999 pure silver content for each. The wafers are held in a capsule for shipping and come with an actual Elf PEZ dispenser. You can store your wafers in the capsule or even put them in the Elf dispenser. Act quickly though! These sets are already sold out at the mint.

    American Silver Eagles in Christmas Cards

    In a first for 2021, JM Bullion offers 2021 1 oz American Silver Eagle Type 2 Coins sealed in Christmas-themed cards. Your options include The Red Merry Christmas Card features holly and berries in the background of the red card with a gold print of MERRY CHRISTMAS on the front face of the card, as well as the Merry Christmas Present Card with wrapped gifts, a sprig of evergreen, and some decorative balls.

    Shop Now Before these Products are Gone!

    Many of the Christmas-themed rounds and bars mentioned above are only available during the Christmas season. When it comes to collectible coins and PEZ dispensers, mintages are often extremely limited and when the products are sold out, your chance to own them is gone. Please reach out to JM Bullion if you have any questions by calling us at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or email us directly. You can follow us on Facebook and read our weekly blog posts for more information on upcoming releases.

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