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    Silver Bullion Products for the Holiday Season

    The beauty of precious metals is the ability to create gold and silver bullion products that are more than just investment-grade specimens. There are silver products out there specially crafted for particular occasions and holidays. The Holiday season and general holiday period offer a perfect example of this type of production. Silver rounds, silver bars, and silver coins are available that make a perfect collectible or stocking stuffer. Learn more about some of our silver products that are great for the gift-giving season.

    Christmas and Holiday Rounds

    The colder temperatures and snowfall of the holiday season conjure up many images, but among the most popular are the snowman and Santa Claus. Recent holiday-themed silver bullion products include Christmas Rounds with images of Ole Saint Nick and Snowmen on the obverse sides. Examples of such designs include:

    • Snowman – the first mention of snowmen in written records include those found in 14th-century Belgian literature. In fact, in early 16th century Brussels, the populace got together to create an outdoor art sculpture garden that contained more than 100 snowmen. Building snowmen is a popular winter pastime that takes only imagination and fresh snow.
    • Santa Claus – there are many different designs of Santa Claus on silver rounds. Regardless of the designs, these images depict Ole Saint Nick checking his list of good and bad children or delivering gifts.

    Christmas and Holiday Bars

    If silver bars aren’t the focus of your collecting, silver bars are also available that have holiday-themed designs. Santa Claus is a common design element for silver bullion bars. One such example is a design that has Santa standing near the fireplace in a family room as he checks his list. Christmas gifts are strewn about the floor as the Christmas tree beckons in the background.

    Holiday-themed Silver Coins

    Additionally, there are silver bullion coins available that have designs that focus more on the religious background of holiday celebrations. Whether it is depictions of the Three Wise Men traveling to Bethlehem to greet the birth of Christ in person or simpler designs of Christmas trees, snowflakes, and candles with holly, silver bullion coins exist that make the perfect stocking stuffer for any holiday season.

    Stuff the Stockings this Holiday Season with Silver Bullion from JM Bullion

    As you shop for stocking stuffers for that numismatist on your list, consider checking out the silver bullion Christmas and holiday products from JM Bullion. You can also contact us with questions about these products by calling us at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or simply sending us an email.