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    Canadian Wildlife Silver Coins

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    2012 1 oz Canadian Silver Cougar Coin (BU)
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    2013 1 oz Canadian Silver Wood Bison Coin (BU)
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    2012 1 oz Canadian Moose Silver Coin (BU)
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    2011 1 oz Canadian Grizzly Silver Coin (BU)
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    2011 1 oz Canadian Silver Wolf Coin
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    Canadian Wildlife Series Silver Coins

    The Canadian Wildlife Series of silver coins grows in number every year and is quickly becoming one of the most popular products from the Royal Canadian Mint. These coins are particularly appealing to both investors and collectors, not only for their intricate designs, but for their above-average purities and face values. The annual mintages of the Wildlife series tallies in at no more than 1,000,000 coins and new designs are constantly being added. Though they are a product of the Canadian government, these coins are sought after by people from all over the world.


    There is no denying that the design of Canadian Wildlife Series coins is what draws a lot of people in. The obverse side of these coins, however, leaves a lot to be desired. On every coin, the obverse features the image of Queen Elizabeth II, her name, and the year in which the coin was minted. A few coins feature the date on the reverse side, while others are absent of date marking altogether.

    The reverse side of Wildlife Series coins feature the image after which the coin is named. The images depict a score of animals, most of which are native to Canada, in their natural habitat. The 2013 1 oz Canadian Silver Pronghorn Antelope coin, for example, features an antelope gracefully moving across an open landscape of rolling hills and tall grass.

    The reverse side also features the weight and purity indications, but purities are sometimes found on the obverse instead. Though the depictions featured on the reverse side of the Wildlife Series coins vary from year to year, the extreme attention to detail remains constant.


    Despite there being a considerably large number of Canadian Wildlife Series coins on the market today, their history is not as extensive as one might be led to believe. In fact, the coin series was not first sanctioned by RCM until 2011. Starting in 2011, two distinct editions of the Wildlife Series were minted every year, each of which weighed one troy ounce and were produced in mintages numbering no more than 1,000,000. The Canadian Arctic Series coins, which are a new facet of the Wildlife Series, weigh 1 ½ oz each and were first produced in 2013. The exact number of coins minted annually varies dramatically from edition to edition and so too do the exact weights.


    Because of the Canadian Wildlife Series’ relatively short existence, the coins’ past is not entirely dissimilar to their present. The quantity of Wildlife Series coins minted annually has not changed much since 2011 and has remained at a constant 1,000,000/year. Of course, the 1 ½ oz Arctic Series coins do not adhere to strict annual mintage quantities and can range from as few as 8,000 to as many as 500,000.

    The wild popularity of these coins only seems to grow with each new release and are sought after by investors and collectors in North American and beyond. Investors love the coins because of their higher than average .9999 level of purity. Collectors, on the other hand, are always eager to get their hands on the newest and best coins on the market, and the Canadian Wildlife Series fits the bill. Most coins in this series weigh between ½ oz and 1 ½ oz, but newer editions are available in larger sizes. The silver Howling Wolf, for example, weighs in at a ½ kilo, or just over 17.5 ounces.