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    The Silver Bug Collection from Intaglio Mint

    Posted on April 27, 2018

    By now, precious metal enthusiasts are familiar with the Silverbugs. This renowned group of Reddit users is a community of silver enthusiasts who take a love of precious metals to the next level. If you want to know about the latest designs on silver coins for sale or learn more about popular authorized dealers, chances are the Silverbugs have shared a wealth of information on either topic. In 2014, the Silverbugs gained notoriety with a series of silver rounds launched in their honor. Initially coined by the North American Mint, these rounds featured designs crafted and chosen by the Silverbugs themselves.

    Intaglio Mint has been in business since 2010, crafting low-mintage silver round collections with exceptional designs and attention to detail. One of its many available collections at the moment features its own twist on the Silver Bugs. Struck for the silver collector in everyone, these rounds appeal to collectors from all walks of life and depict a different bug on the obverse of each release in the series. JM Bullion is proud to carry these rounds and wants to take an opportunity to introduce you to the collection in this week’s blog.

    Notes on the Series

    The Silver Bug Collection from Intaglio Mint totals six designs in all to date. While there is a unique design on the obverse of each new release, all of the rounds share a common design theme on the reverse side. Here you will find the official logo of the Intaglio Mint struck into the very heart of the design. A Romanesque column in the shape of an “I,” the logo includes the date of establishment for the mint in the footer of the column. It is immediately surrounded by a stippled border with the words “Intaglio” above the column and “Mint” below it. Surrounding the very outer edge of the design field you’ll find “Two Troy Ounces” engraved along the top, “.999 Fine Silver” along the bottom, and the two sides flanked by small lightning bolts.

    Each one of these rounds is a brilliant high-relief specimen. Containing 2 Troy oz of .999 pure silver, Intaglio Mint opted for the use of 39 mm blanks instead of larger 50 mm blanks often used in this particular weight. The use of this smaller format, in the words of the Intaglio Mint, “creates a dramatic tactile experience.” The bugs struck onto the obverse of each new design have a beautiful, deep-domed radial burst and pronounced 3D visuals for the design elements.

    While the designs on the obverse of each round in the Silver Bug Collection change throughout the release schedule, there are common inscriptions on each round. In a nod to the Silverbug community, the obverse bears inscriptions around the design field of “All Hail the Silver Bug” and “In Silver We Trust.”

    1st Release – Scarab Beetle

    Intaglio Mint was inspired in the creation of this series by those online enthusiasts of the Silverbug community who love all things silver, and as the scarab beetle is one of their primary logos, it was a natural first choice in the Silver Bug Collection. The 2 oz Scarab Beetle High Relief Round was the series debut and features a depiction of the scarab beetle. A species of dung beetle, the scarab was essential in Ancient Egyptian mythology and often worshipped directly by the Egyptians.

    2nd Release – Lady Bug

    Known officially as the Coccinella magnifica, you more likely know this bug as the ladybug. The 2 oz Lady Bug High Relief Round depicts a member of the ladybird beetle species. A ladybug is commonly depicted with a red body and black spots, but some species of the beetle exist that do not have those well-known spots.

    3rd Release – Rhinoceros Beetle

    It might have a larger-than-life name, but the rhinoceros beetle is not without its own unique appearance. While a rhinoceros is easily identifiable courtesy of its singular horn on the end of its muzzle, the rhinoceros beetle has a similar, singular protrusion at the front of its body. The 2 oz Rhinoceros Beetle High Relief Round depicts this member of the scarab beetle species on its obverse side.

    4th Release – Giant Longhorn Beetle

    If bugs give you creepy feelings, then look away as you view the 2 oz Giant Longhorn Beetle High Relief Round. Featured on the obverse side of this 4th release in the series is one of the largest known species of beetle in the world. Those beetles which reach the maximum known length are as long as 17 cm in length, while the average male is around 12-14 cm in length. Topping off the visual creepiness of the Giant Longhorn Beetle is a long mandible.

    5th Release – Stag Beetle

    The most recent release in the series currently available from JM Bullion is the 2 oz Stag Beetle High Relief Round. Stag beetles come from a species that includes some 1,200 subspecies in all. However, within those 1,200 subspecies, there are four primary subfamilies, with the stag beetle representing one of the larger subsections. The average stag beetle grows to just 5 cm in length, but some have been recorded with lengths upwards of 12 cm.

    6th Release – Goliath Beetle

    In the upcoming 6th release you’ll find the 2 oz Goliath Beetle High Relief Round. Known officially as the Goliathus, these beetles are considered the largest insects on Earth when measured by bulk, weight, and size. Dwarfing the giant longhorn beetle, the Goliath beetle can reach 4.3 inches in length for males and can reach weights of 3.5 oz.

    About the Intaglio Mint

    The term boutique mint isn’t accurate enough to capture the special nature of Intaglio Mint. Founded in Waco, Texas in 2010, Intaglio Mint has just three employees churning out these and other beautiful silver round collections. Mark Bogani is the founder, CEO, and a lead designer at the mint. However, he’s quick to point out that Intaglio Mint is a team effort with his co-workers. Everyone chips in equally to ensure Intaglio Mint products are recognizable for the attention to detail included in each design. Timothy Grat has extensive experience with everything from hand-hammered coinage to concept, design, tool and die, and fabrication within the precious metals industry. Anthony (Tony) Grat is a machinist and production operator with years of experience in CNC machining. His own passion for collectible coins (including error coins) is visible in the work he does with Intaglio Mint.

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    The Silver Bug Collection from Intaglio Mint is currently available from JM Bullion, and you’ll find a variety of other products available from this Texas-based operation as well. Shop our silver for sale today, follow us on Facebook to learn about the latest arrivals, and read our weekly blog to stay up to date on all things precious metals.

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