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    New MintID Silver Bullion from JM Bullion

    There are many options available to investors buying silver online. Silver rounds and silver bars are incredibly popular as safe stores of wealth and collectible items when produced with impressive designs. One thing all investors look for in silver bullion is security. Counterfeit silver bullion has increasingly become a problem, but MintID products are tackling counterfeiting in a way that no other mint has done to date. With distinctive 1 oz silver rounds and 10 oz silver bars, MintID offers silver with the latest security included both in the physical design and packaging of the products.

    1 oz Buffalo Silver Round

    One of the two leading products from MintID is its 1 oz Buffalo Silver Round. Each round has 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver with a 39 MM diameter and 2.47 MM thickness. The rounds are IRA eligible and have beautiful designs on the obverse and reverse. The obverse face of the 1 oz Buffalo Silver Round depicts a powerful buffalo in the center of the design field. The American bison, as it is formally known, is the largest land mammal on the North American continent. It is instantly recognizable with its shaggy mane and powerful, stubby horns atop its head. Inscriptions on this face of the round include “One Troy Ounce” and “.999+ Fine Silver.” The MintID logo is also featured on this side.

    Flip the 1 oz Buffalo Silver Round over to the reverse and you will notice a blue NFC microchip at the center. We’ll expand on the importance of this microchip later, but the most important thing to know is that this microchip offers all the security you want in a 1 oz silver round. The design field includes a repeating MintID logo in the background, with “Tap to Scan” and” inscribed on the bottom.

    10 oz Silver Bar

    The other major product line available from MintID is the 10 oz Silver Bar. This beautiful silver bar contains 10 Troy oz of .999 pure silver with dimensions of 90 MM x 46 MM with a thickness of 7.20 MM. The silver bar is IRA eligible and features the same powerful American bison from the 1 oz silver round. On the obverse side of the 10 oz MintID Silver Bar is the MintID logo with the weight, purity, and metal content inscribed at the center. The full image of the American bison is featured below that with the MintID website listed at the bottom of the bar. Around the design field is a triple-line design that has a 45-degree cutout in the lower left with “10” inscribed.

    For the reverse side of the 10 oz MintID Silver Bars, the MintID NFC blue microchip is featured at the center of the bar. The entire background field is covered by the repeating image of the MintID logo. The same triple-line border surrounds the bar with the “10” inscribed in the lower-left corner. Now, let’s talk about those blue microchips on the 1 oz Buffalo Round and 10 oz MintID Bar.

    MintID Microchips

    As you look at MintID silver rounds and bars, you will notice there is a blue microchip on the obverse side of each product. MintID has partnered with only ISO:9001-rated minting facilities to produce its products and apply these NFC blue microchips directly to the silver bullion products. Each one of the microchips has its own unique, encrypted certificate that stores a digital profile of the individual product in the cloud. Using the MintID mobile app, you can use the NFC scanning technology of your smartphone to instantly authenticate your silver bullion. The microchips use the same AES-128 bit encryption the US federal government uses.

    These blue microchips cannot be cloned or copied, resulting in a unique, one-of-a-kind profile for each silver round and bar. The microchips are also tamper-proof and will instantly “die” or show a tampered result when scanned if any efforts to tamper with the product occur.

    MintID App

    When you invest in MintID silver rounds and bars, you can also download the free MintID app from the Apple Store or Google Play to instantly authenticate your purchase. The MintID mobile app offers real-time authentication, an image of your product, specifications for each item, and the unique digital serial number assigned to each individual round or bar. The app also provides you information on the buy-sell capabilities of your MintID silver bullion. Using the MintID app is simple. Once the app is downloaded on your phone, simply enable NFC in the sections setting on your device, open the MintID app, and follow the prompts to scan an item. When you place the silver bullion directly against the back of your smartphone, the NFC reader grabs the information from the chip and displays it on your screen.

    MintID Secure Packaging

    MintID bullion items are securely packaged directly at the mint when you purchase the items in bulk. The silver rounds are available individually, but when you purchase bulk options you will receive the rounds in mint-sealed blue rolls and boxes containing 25 rolls. The individual rolls of silver rounds feature a crypto tamper-tag that can be scanned in the MintID app to instantly authenticate the entire roll, while each individual round also has its own NFC microchip. When you scan the individual rolls, the result will read “sealed” for those rolls that have not been tampered with and will render a tampered result if the roll itself has been opened. For all rolls that render a “sealed result,” you have the peace of mind in knowing those rounds and rolls were securely sealed at the mint and never tampered with.

    The box of MintID silver rounds arrives with 25 rolls. The rolls are protected within by foam inserts that secure the rolls inside the box and prevent any damage from rustling around during shipping and handling.

    Invest in Secure MintID Silver with JM Bullion

    For the latest in silver bullion security, you can invest in MintID silver bullion at JM Bullion. We’re proud to carry this impressive new lineup and are available to answer any questions you have about the series. Please call us at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or email us directly.