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    Buying Engelhard Bullion Online

    A multitude of names inhabit the precious metals industry, but some names stand out from the rest. Since early in the 20th century, Engelhard has been a name easily recognized by savvy investors and bullion enthusiasts. For decades, they crafted some of the most coveted silver bars and rounds on the market, and their American origin made them even more attractive.

    Engelhard did more than refine and mint precious metals, however. Throughout the decades, this diverse company worked in chemical, mineral, and pigment manufacturing, as well.

    American Made

    Investors treasure Engelhard bars because of the company’s unparalleled reputation, as well as the fact that they accurately stamped their products with weight and purity. This precise stamping gives customers confidence that they are getting exactly what they pay for — not just an approximation or fraud.

    Those who buy Engelhard products also value where those products come from. Engelhard started in New Jersey, and that was its base of operations as it pursued different uses for precious metals (mainly platinum and its industrial applications).

    The company demonstrated an interest in helping the environment when, in 1973, they developed the first production catalytic converter and sold the design to Ford Motor Company. They were even awarded a Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award in 2004 for their organic Rightfit pigments.

    A Tough Businessman Takes Engelhard to the Top

    Charles Engelhard moved to the United States from Germany late in the 19th century to work for a platinum marketer, but in 1902, he struck out as a bold entrepreneur when he founded his own company.

    Originally the company specialized in platinum and its uses in the jewelry and dental industries. As platinum supplies became steadier, Englehard began researching its other uses, such as its value as a catalyst in the chemical industry.

    By the late 1950s, Engelhard Industries was a giant in the precious metals game, fabricating millions of dollars worth of gold and silver. With smart leadership, savvy mergers, and innovative products, the company became a force to be reckoned with. Engelhard’s long run came to a close in 2006 when the German company BASF took over Engelhard for $39 a share, which amounted to about $5 billion total.

    Engelhard Bullion Products

    Engelhard produced a range of platinum, gold, and silver bullion bars and rounds in varying sizes and designs. Some of their most notable products included those that are hand poured. These bars are usually highly collectible.

    Their silver bullion attracts the most attention from investors, and particular interest goes toward the Engelhard Prospector Rounds. The Prospector Rounds are each one troy ounce of fine silver and depict a miner panning for treasure in a river. The reverse side features either a big Engelhard “E” or the powerful image of an eagle. The craftsmanship and rarity of Prospector Coins make these pieces highly sought after.

    Most reputable bullion manufacturers stamp their precious metal bars with unique serial numbers to indicate an item is authentic, and Engelhard was no exception to the rule. Their bars also have the Engelhard hallmark, which often includes a capital “E” set against the backdrop of a globe.

    Value To Investors

    The trustworthy purity and weight stampings on Engelhard products are only a couple reasons why investors love them. Engelhard played a small but critical role in American history as a standout precious metals company and as the business responsible for producing catalytic converters. This rich heritage attracts collectors who see beyond the value of metal itself to the value of the story behind the metal.

    Also, because Engelhard stopped producing silver bullion products even before the BASF takeover, these products are rare, adding to their appeal and value. Savvy collectors know that when they get a chance to buy Engelhard silver bars (particularly in rare weights like the 5 oz), they should snatch it up, especially if the bars are in like-new condition.

    Buying Engelhard Bullion

    Engelhard no longer produces bullion items, but that does not mean that collectors need to roam the globe in search of them. Many Engelhard items are available for purchase online at JM Bullion.

    Prices for Engelhard products are notably higher than items of comparable weights from other manufacturers, but the name and reputation often make it worth the additional premiums. Explore JM Bullion to find Engelhard products to enrich your precious metals collection today.