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    Military Discount

    “As Low As” Pricing

    The JM Bullion military discount matches our “As Low As” pricing for payments, regardless of the quantity purchased. All products listed with an “As Low As” price when buying a set number of items entitles military members to that same price regardless of the quantity purchased. For example, military members buying products with an “As Low As” price on 100+ items will get that same discounted pricing whether buying 1 item, 10 items, or 50 items from that same listing.

    How to Qualify

    In order to take advantage of this discount, military members need to contact JM Bullion to set up a military member account. All that is required to take advantage of the JM Bullion military discount is one of the following forms of proof of service, in addition to a copy of your Driver's License:

    • For Active Duty Personnel:
      • Statement of Service OR Leave and Earning Statement
    • For Discharged Personnel:
      • Discharge Form (DD 214) & block out Social Security Number
      • Veterans Affairs ID Card (Front and Back)
      • A copy of your Driver's License with the Veteran's designation.

    Get Started Now

    Once an account is setup and initial verification provided, there’s no need to prove a military background on any future orders. Simply sign up once, and enjoy the JM Bullion military discount for all future orders.

    To get started, contact us :