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    Buying Gold and Silver in South Bend, Indiana

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    Located on the southernmost bend of the St Joseph River, from where it derives its name, South Bend, Indiana is home to roughly 102,000 residents. As the fourth-largest city in Indiana, South Bend serves as a major economical, commercial, and cultural hub of Northern Indiana. In addition, The University of Notre Dame is situated just north of South Bend in the unincorporated city of Notre Dame, Indiana. In fact, The University of Notre Dame is the largest employer of South Bend residents.

    Due to its commercial and cultural draw, along with its proximity to the iconic university, South Bend’s economy is also supported largely by tourism. Needless to say, many coin shops, bullion exchange stores, and precious metal buyers and sellers call South Bend home. Below we have listed some local coin shops in the area as well as the tax ramifications of buying gold and silver here.

    Bullion Sales Tax in South Bend, Indiana

    According to Indiana Sales Tax Information Bulletin #50 (, Indiana does not charge taxes on coins, legal tender, and bullion.

    Local Gold and Silver Dealers in South Bend, Indiana

    Listed below are a few of the popular gold and silver dealers and local coin shops located around the South Bend area.

    Casper’s Coins

    Casper’s Coins is an excellent choice for serious investors and numismatists in the area. With a knowledgeable staff, a broad selection of gold and silver bullion coins, and a range of rare, exotic coins, Casper’s Coins is one of the most well-known coin shops in South Bend. Family owned and operated, Casper’s Coins has been in business for nearly 30 years, and the owner has been an avid collector for more than 50 years, offering a wide breadth of knowledge for customers.

    (547) 272-5554
    214 North Dixie Way
    South Bend, IN 46637

    Christos Coin & Jewelry

    Whether you’re looking to consolidate your portfolio or add to your collection, Christos Coins & Jewelry buys and sells international and United States minted gold and silver coins. The business also buys and sells a wide range of gold and silver bullion coins and gold and silver bars. For collectors whose interests are broader than coins, Christos Coins & Jewelry also carries collectible paper currency, collectible wristwatches, and select antiques.

    (547) 247-1818
    433 North Dixie Way Hwy
    South Bend, IN 46637

    Kenneth G Rare Coins

    Located in Mishawaka, Indiana, only a short five-mile drive from South Bend’s city limits, Kenneth G Rare Coins is an excellent destination for serious collectors, investors, and bulk sellers. Specializing in coins and precious metal bars, Kenneth G Rare Coins also buys precious metals and rare coins. Kenneth G Rare Coins specializes in bulk wholesale purchases.

    (574) 273-9790
    127 West Douglas Road
    Mishawaka, IN 46545-1241

    South Bend Gold & Silver Exchange

    For coin collectors refining their collection and those looking to consolidate their precious metals portfolio, South Bend Gold and Silver Exchange specializes in gold and silver coins and precious metals, whether its bullion coins, bars, or scrap. For sellers, the company enjoys a reputation for offering competitive market prices.

    (574) 210-2636
    3202 Mishawaka Ave.
    South Bend, IN 46615

    At JM Bullion, we thank you for taking a look at our listings of coin dealers and precious metal buyers in South Bend, Indiana. If you know of additional shops in the area, please contact us so we can update our directory.