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    Bullion Investing Guide Articles

    Choosing Your Trusted Bullion Dealer

    First, decide whether you want to buy online or locally. Chances are high, even if you are in a major metropolitan city, your best prices will be found online. Why is that? Sheer volume and overhead costs. An online dealer doesn’t have all the brick and mortar costs associated and they have the market of…

    Buying, Payment, & Taking Delivery

    When you visit any competent silver and gold dealing website you should be able to buy from their website 24×7. To commit to buying a product, the website will need collateral from you typically in the form of a live active credit or debit card, or full payment via card or PayPal. No business savvy…

    How To Store Your Bullion

    First and foremost, the less people who know about you silver or gold bullion ownership the less risk of theft you may be facing. This may also sound paranoid but take heed, the highest propensity of having your bullion stolen is by someone closest to you (family, friends, or house servants). Beware you too social…

    How To Sell Your Bullion Best?

    Selling your bullion and getting a good bid price is every bit as intricate as intelligently buying your bullion. Full attention to detail is required to successfully sell your bullion at the best price. When it comes to turning your bullion into fiat currency there are hundreds of online and perhaps local options too, especially…

    How To Ship Your Bullion Best?

    The best and safest way to ship Gold & Silver Bullion is by using the United States Postal Service’s Registered Mail service. Why Registered Mail? USPS Registered Mail offers the pinnacle of both safety and insurance. In fact, you can get up to $25,000.00 of insurance per Registered Mail parcel. With FedEx or UPS, they…


    You have almost completed this JM Bullion Buying Guide, a man-shake is in order (all female readers, please excuse this locker room humor for a moment)… Put her there brother! Seriously though, …with your completion of this guide, you now have a solid foundation to protect yourself and your financial future with whatever comes to…