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    1928 Standing Liberty Quarter

    As far as US Mint coinage goes, few series are more popular amongst collectors than the long line of Standing Liberty Quarter. First produced shortly after the turn of the 20th century, these coins were incredibly useful during their time in circulation, which helps make them extremely valuable nowadays. Collectors the world over are constantly trying to get their hands on these coins, and get their hands on those pieces that have been preserved through the years.

    Unfortunately, because these coins were so heavily circulated and so useful, very few have survived the years in excellent shape. Still, because this is one of the last Standing Liberty Quarters produced, many more of these have survived than previous years.

    Grading the 1928 Standing Liberty Quarter

    For collectors, the condition of the coins which they collect means everything because no one wants to add a rough-looking coin to a collection. Though, comparatively speaking, the 1928 Standing Liberty Quarter is not as old as many other collectible US coins, but it is still old enough that many of these coins have seen a lot of damage.

    For most collectors, having the condition of their coin officially judged by a coin grading organization is preferred, but not everyone has the time and the money to do this. Understanding that, we have provided below an outline of the different characteristics of graded coins.

    Uncirculated: An Uncirculated coin is one that spent almost no time whatsoever in circulation. These coins will have been well-preserved from the moment they were minted because no damage is present anywhere. Selling for the highest prices, these coins are also the most sought after by collectors.

    Extremely Fine: An Extremely Fine Standing Liberty Quarter is one that was in circulation for a short period of time before being kept in a safe place. Though there will be some damage on these coins, the damage will most often be light in nature and only visible upon close inspection. These coins too are very popular amongst collectors.

    Fine: This is the grade given to Standing Liberty Quarters that are in decent shape, but have definitely seen better days. Pieces of this grade will have a somewhat smooth surface due to the texture being worn down over the years. In addition, there will often be light scratching across the entirety of the coin’s surface.

    Good: A coin that is graded as being Good is a coin that has received the lowest grade available. These coins will boast a lot of damage that can range from heavy scratching to the bending of the coin itself. Though in rough shape, these pieces are attractive to collectors who are looking to put together a complete collection of Quarters.

    Pricing the 1928 Standing Liberty Quarter

    Determining how much you might be asked to pay for a Standing Liberty Quarter is really not that difficult at all. The first thing you must pay attention to is the condition of the coin. Collectors obsess over condition, so those coins that have been well-preserved are the same coins that will carry a hefty price tag. Finally, because multiple types of the Standing Liberty Quarter were produced annually, the exact type of coin you have will also play into the price you pay for it. The chart below is aimed at giving you a better understanding of what you might be asked to pay for a Standing Liberty Quarter given its type and condition.

    Standing Liberty Quarters

    1928 Standing Liberty Quarter $7.50 $9 $40 $80
    1928 Standing Liberty Quarter (D) $7.50 $9 $35 $80
    1928 Standing Liberty Quarter (S) $7.50 $9 $40 $90
    Source: Red Book

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