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    1959 Franklin Half Dollar

    The Franklin Half Dollar, sometimes referred to as the Franklin fifty-cent piece, is a silver coin that was produced by the U.S. Mint over a 15 year period from 1948 to 1963. The coin was designed by the mint’s chief engraver, and was the brainchild of the mint’s then-director.

    The Franklin Half Dollar features the profile of Benjamin Franklin as well as the Liberty Bell. The coin pays tribute to Franklin, who is one of the most admired figures in American history.

    Many of these coins seen today show visible signs of aging. You can, however, find these half dollar silver pieces in brilliant, uncirculated condition as well.

    Grading the 1958 Franklin Half Dollar

    Coins that have been graded by a professional and recognized grading company have been put through a rigorous process to determine the coin’s condition, authenticity and metal content. The process involves several detailed steps to accurately determine the coin’s physical condition to see how well it has stood up to the test of time. While much of the coin grading process is subjective in nature, a coin’s final grade is assigned by a team of coin grading experts who will use all available information to make an opinion about a coin’s grade. You can closely examine your coin, checking its details including edges, text and imagery, to get a good idea of what grade your coin may be assigned.

    Use the specifications below to determine how your Franklin Half Dollar coin might be graded.

    Uncirculated: A coin in uncirculated condition will be close to perfect condition. This means that the coin’s details, such as images or text, will appear crisp and clean as if they were just struck. The coin’s edges will have the appropriate texture and the coin will show no signs of handling or abuse. Many coins in this condition will retain their original shine and luster, while some may have very slight discoloration due to aging. You can use a magnifying glass to visually inspect all of your coins details.

    Extremely Fine: A coin in extremely fine condition is just one notch on the grading scale below uncirculated, and will also look as if new. Upon close inspection, these coins may have very miniscule blemishes or imperfections on the details or edge. In addition, the coin’s finish may be ever-so-slightly discolored. Nevertheless, coins given a grade of extremely fine are in top physical condition and remain visually appealing to collectors and investors.

    Fine: Further down the grading ladder, a coin in fine condition may show age-related damage or general wear and tear. The coin’s surfaces may be slightly eroded from being handled over the years, and the coin’s finish may appear dull. The coin may feel slightly different to the touch due to erosion over time.


    Good: Coins that are assigned a grade of good often have significant physical imperfections. The coin’s details-especially the finer ones-may be worn down or even absent. Sometimes, a coin in this condition may not be easily identified without the use of a magnifying glass or other visual aid. Even though coins in good condition may not be in the best shape, they may still have significant market value depending on year, type, relative scarcity and other factors.

    1959 Franklin Half Dollar Pricing

    Franklin Half Dollars are generally quite easy to obtain, and because of this the premiums attached to these coins are quite reasonable. A 1959 Franklin Half Dollar in very fine condition may trade around the $13 mark, while a coin in slightly better condition may fetch a dollar more. Coin values can go up if the coin is in superior physical condition.

    1959 Franklin Half Dollar

    1959 Franklin Half Dollar N/A N/A $14 N/A
    1959 Franklin Half Dollar (D) N/A N/A $14 N/A
    Source: Red Book

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