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    1913 Barber Dime

    As far as US Mint coinage goes, few series are more popular amongst collectors than the Barber Dime. First produced is the late 1800’s, these coins were incredibly useful during their time in circulation, which helps make them extremely valuable nowadays. Collectors the world over are constantly trying to get their hands on these coins, and get their hands on those pieces that have been preserved through the years.

    Unfortunately, because these coins were so heavily circulated and so useful, very few have survived the years in excellent shape. Still, because this is one of the last Barber Dimes produced, many more of these have survived than previous years.

    Grading the 1913 Barber Dime

    For coins that are as old as the 1913 Barber Dime, collectors are primarily concerned with the condition the coin is in. Because no one wants to add a worn, tattered coin to their collection, you will find that most every collector closely analyzes the coins they want to buy, searching for imperfections.

    When this kind of judging is done by a professional coin grading company, your coin will receive a grade that is basically a one or two-word description of the overall condition of the coin. The specifications below will give you a good idea of what you can expect coins of a certain grade to look like.

    Uncirculated: An Uncirculated Barber Dime is one that spent no time exchanging hands and incurred no damage as a result. These coins will have retained all of their texture and will have no blemishes on the inscriptions or imagery. In addition, they will have a shine that resembles the shine of a brand new coin.

    Extremely Fine: In this condition, coins will have some light scratching but will, for the most part, appear to be in great shape. These coins will also have retained some of their original luster, but some of it will have faded as a result of the changing of hands over the years.

    Fine: To receive this grade, a coin will have been circulated for a good bit of time. You will see some moderate scratching and maybe even some chipping on the surfaces of the coin, but the imagery and inscriptions will be for the most part intact.

    Good: This is the grade given to those coins that have the most noticeable signs of wear. Being that these coins were circulated for decade upon decade, it goes without saying that some damage has occurred during that period of time. The damage on these coins will be heavy and may even make the images and inscriptions a bit difficult to make out.

    Pricing the 1913 Barber Dime

    For a coin like the 1913 Barber Dime, the price you are going to pay to acquire one is dependent on a few different factors. First, the type of coin matters. Because there were two different varieties of Barber Dimes minted in 1913, this is the first factor to pay attention to. Secondly, the condition the coin is in will directly affect its price. The better the condition, the more you can expect to pay. The chart below will give you a good idea of what price you will pay for a 1913 Barber Dime given its grade and type.

    Barber Dimes

    1913 Barber Dime $4 $6 $25 $75
    Source: Red Book

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