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    1887 Indian Head Penny

    1887 Indian Heads can be found by collectors, but because these coins were circulated for such an extended period of time they are more often than not found in poor condition. Whether they are bent, chipped, or scratched beyond recognition, these coins have seen a lot of damage over the years. Still, as part of American history, these coins are a great addition to any collection.

    Collectors pay very close attention to the condition of these coins before making a purchase, and will look at any and all damage quite closely.

    Grading the 1887 Indian Head Penny

    As discussed above, the condition of most 1887 Indian Heads is lacking to say the least. Still, when it comes down to it collectors will look straight to the condition to determine not only whether or not if they want to purchase the coin, but also how much they would be willing to pay for it. A coin that has been sent to a professional grading company is one that has been given an official grade based on condition.

    Though you may not want to send your coin(s) to be graded, you can utilize the chart below to determine what you should look for in Indian Heads of specific grades.

    Uncirculated: An Uncirculated 1887 Indian Head Penny is one that, apart from losing some of its luster, is in perfect condition. These coins will show no signs of wear with all of their imagery and texture intact and able to be made out with the naked eye. These coins, being more than 100 years old, are difficult to find.

    Extremely Fine: An Extremely Fine 1887 Indian Head saw some time in circulation, but not much. The faces of the coin will have retained their texture and the images on both faces will be fully present and able to be seen with the naked eye. Apart from a few scratched, these coins will be in near perfect condition.

    Fine: An 1887 Indian Head deserving of this grade is one that saw a good amount of time in circulation. There will be plenty of signs of wear and other blemishes, though your coin’s images and inscriptions will be able to be made out without much trouble at all. The coin’s texture will have been worn down a bit, but not entirely.

    Good: An 1887 Indian Head in this condition is not a pretty sight. These coins are heavily beat up and have a lot of scratching. In some cases, these coins will even be bent and/or chipped. A lot of the coin’s imagery will have been at least partially worn away, though some of the major aspects of the coin are able to be made out.

    Pricing the 1887 Indian Head Penny

    If you wish to give these pennies a price, you must first take into consideration the condition the coin is in. Collectors want to get their hands on these coins, but will pay top dollar for one in great condition. By making use of the chart below you can determine how much you can expect to pay for an 1887 Indian Head given its grade.

    1887 Indian Head Penny

    1887 $3 $5 $18 $28
    Source: Red Book

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