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    Sell-To-Us Reporting Guidelines

    Certain products that JM Bullion may purchase from customers through the Sell-To-Us program are reportable to the IRS. These reportable items require the filing of a Form 1099-B. In order for the Form 1099-B to be filed with the IRS, the customer will need to complete a Form W-9. The Form W-9 should be sent to the customer during the sale negotiation and must be completed and received by JM Bullion prior to payment for the sale (see instructions for transmitting and receiving a Form W-9 below). Forms 1099-B will be mailed to customers by February 15 in the year following the Sell-To-Us order(s).

    1099-B Reporting Requirements

    The following products are EXEMPT (in all quantities):


    • Fraction Bullion Gold Coins
    • American Gold Buffalo Coins
    • Chinese Gold Panda Coins
    • American Gold Eagle Coins
    • Australian Gold Perth Mint Coins
    • Austrian Gold Coins


    • Chinese Silver Panda Coins
    • American Silver Eagle Coins
    • Australian Silver Perth Mint Coins
    • Austrian Silver Coins
    • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins


    The following items are REPORTABLE and require a Form 1099-B:


    Gold Bars:

    Fineness:            0.995+
    Weight:               1 Kilo (32.15 troy oz.)+

    Silver Bars:

    Fineness:            0.999+
    Weight:               1000 troy oz.+

    Platinum Bars:

    Fineness:            0.9995+
    Weight:               25 troy oz.+

    Palladium Bars

    Fineness:            0.9995+
    Weight:               100 troy oz.+


    Gold 1 oz. Maple Leaf:

    Quantity:            (25) 1 oz. coins+

    Gold 1 oz. Krugerrand:

    Quantity:            (25) 1 oz. coins+

    Gold 1 oz. Mexican Onza:

    Quantity:            (25) 1 oz. coins+

    90% Silver U.S. Coins:

    Value:                 $1,000 face value+