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    Ripple Price & Charts

    Our Ripple price charts are an easy reference for current XRP prices. In addition to displaying the current live XRP price, our interactive charts allow you to examine historical ripple prices.

    Above are live Ripple price charts.The charts can be viewed using various time frames. Short-term traders and investors may focus on smaller time frames such as one or five minute charts, while long-term investors may be more concerned with weekly, monthly or even yearly charts. Charts may be useful for identifying trends in the market, or for looking for potential levels to buy or sell. We also offer pricing charts for ethereum prices, litecoin prices, bitcoin prices, dash prices, bitcoin cash prices, monero prices, iota prices, and nem prices.

    What is Ripple?

    Ripple is a cryptocurrency that is built on some of the most advanced blockchain technology available today. Ripple is designed to connect banks, digital asset exchanges, corporations and payment providers to enable a seamless payment method. XRP is the digital asset that is used for payments on the Ripple network. The network is super fast, with payments settling in just a mere four seconds.

    Ripple as an Investment

    Ripple and other cryptocurrencies have become popular with both traders and investors. Ripple, along with the cryptocurrency market in general, is only in the very beginning stages of what could potentially become much wider acceptance and mainstream use. Many long-term investors are looking to participate in these exciting markets as prices could potentially trend much higher from current levels.

    What Might Drive Prices Higher?

    Cryptocurrencies are a decentralized currency system, and most of them have limited quantities of digital assets that can be mined or produced. Due to the limited supply of these digital assets, the simple laws of supply and demand could possibly fuel higher prices if demand continues to increase. These digital currencies are likely to become more popular due to their convenience, speed and low-fee structure. In fact, some analysts have even suggested that Ripple and other digital currency systems could eventually hold a major share of the global payment market.

    Can I Buy Anything Using Ripple?

    Not yet. Ripple and other cryptocurrency networks can be used to facilitate payments at a variety of merchants, however, they remain far from mainstream at this point. As they become more widely known and establish more of a successful track record, more users may join the network, and that could drive prices higher. As more users take advantage of the benefits of digital currencies, more merchants will likely accept the cryptocurrency in order to keep customers happy and gain new business.

    Is Ripple Regulated?

    Ripple and other cryptocurrency networks are decentralized, and no single government or regulatory authority controls the networks. The decentralized nature of these systems is viewed as one of their biggest benefits, as it can potentially promote system security and supplies cannot simply be increased or decreased, such as with fiat currencies. That being said, however, some nations may elect to try to regulate these markets in some fashion in order to try to prevent fraud or excessive speculation.

    Is Ripple Totally Secure?

    The fact is that there may be no network or payment system that is totally secure. Although the nature of blockchain technology allows it be extremely secure with low risk of fraud, hackers and cybercriminals are always looking for ways to take advantage of any weakness or flaw they can find. While no system may be considered totally free from such risks, Ripple and other cryptocurrencies may be considered a big step above other payment methods such credit card payments or electronic funds transfers.

    Can Short-Term Traders Try to Profit From Ripple?

    Yes. In fact, Ripple and other cryptocurrencies have drawn a lot of speculators, and some of them may buy and sell regularly, looking to profit from rapid changes in price. Some of the world’s largest derivatives exchanges, such as CME Group and the Chicago Board Options Exchange, have already launched derivatives based on some cryptocurrencies. Contracts based on Ripple could eventually also be listed on major exchanges.

    Are Ripple and Other Cryptocurrencies the Next Big Market Bubble?

    No one knows just how far these currencies can go. Bitcoin has been called a bubble by many analysts, yet buyers remain interested in acquiring it. And while Bitcoin may be the most recognized of the currencies, other alternatives like Ripple are quietly gaining market share. The question of whether these assets prove to be another bubble or not will likely be determined by how they are used in the years and decades ahead. If they really begin to take over a large part of the global payment system or become a preferred global payment method, there is no telling how high prices could eventually reach. Due to their limited supplies, these currencies could potentially hold their value quite well, and could potentially sustain a significant price point.