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    Monero Price & Charts

    Our Monero price charts are an easy reference for current XMR prices. In addition to displaying the current live XMR price, our interactive charts allow you to examine historical monero prices.

    Above are live Monero price charts. These charts can be viewed using your choice of multiple time frames, and can potentially be a useful guide for making trading or investment decisions. Charts can be used to spot market trends, or to identify tradable price patterns. We also offer pricing charts for ethereum prices, litecoin prices, ripple prices, dash prices, bitcoin cash prices, bitcoin prices, iota prices, and nem prices.

    What is Monero?

    Monero is a decentralized cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology to facilitate and record transactions. Monero differs from some other cryptocurrencies, however, in that it uses ring signatures, ring confidential transactions and stealth addresses. These features maintain the privacy of payment origins, amounts and destinations. According to its website, Monero is untraceable, and transactions that take place on the network can’t be linked to a specific user or identity. Monero is basically a form of electronic cash that can be used for cost effective, rapid payments anywhere on the globe.

    Is Monero Different than Bitcoin?

    Yes. Monero is based on the CryptoNote protocol and is not derived from or based on Bitcoin. The major difference between these two cryptocurrencies is that Bitcoin operates on an open, transparent system whereas Monero takes steps to maintain transaction privacy. Among other things, Monero also features dynamic fees, a dynamic block size and ASIC-resistant proof of work.

    Why the Sudden Interest in Monero and Cryptocurrencies?

    Interest in cryptocurrencies did, in fact, begin years before they really started to take off. While Bitcoin is credited with being the cryptocurrency “trailblazer,” many other cryptos have popped up in recent years, and more are likely to come into use. These networks have become increasingly popular with investors and traders, many of whom see a bright future for this technology.

    Cryptocurrencies are already accepted by a number of merchants, and can be used to send or receive payments anywhere in the world. As these digital currencies gain in popularity and become more mainstream, demand could potentially rise, possibly fueling much higher prices. Some analysts have even suggested that cryptocurrencies could eventually gain a large market share of the payments market. In addition, because of the fact that many cryptocurrencies have a limited total supply of coins, tokens or units, the laws of supply and demand would suggest that values could move substantially higher from current levels if use of the currency becomes widespread.

    Why do Investors Care About Charts?

    Price charts can be useful not only for short-term traders, but for long-term investors as well. If prices are trending higher, investors may use charts to spot any significant pullbacks in price, viewing such declines as a possible buying opportunity. In range-bound markets, charts may be used to identify potential areas of price support and resistance. In a nutshell, price charts provide a simple, graphical depiction of market activity.

    What Are Some of the Major Benefits of Cryptocurrencies?

    Cryptocurrencies can potentially offer a low-cost, fast and convenient method for making or receiving payments anywhere on the globe. International payments may be less costly compared to other methods such as bank wires. Transactions made using cryptocurrencies can also eliminate foreign transaction fees that may be charged by credit card providers. When sending or receiving funds internationally, cryptocurrencies also eliminate the need for currency conversions, which can also potentially be an added cost.

    In terms of speed, many cryptos settle within a matter of minutes. There is no 14 day or even 30 day waiting period that may be necessary with payments made by check or even electronic transfer. Cryptocurrencies are also very convenient. Funds can easily be sent or received with little effort from a computer or smartphone.

    Cryptocurrencies may also possibly provide an extremely secure payment method. Blockchain technology harnesses the power of cryptography to provide a highly secure payment solution. Although these forms of money do not have a long history, they have thus far proven to be reliable. As they establish a longer track record of security and become more widely accepted as a means of remittance, more participants could eventually join the network.

    How High Could Prices Go?

    There is no telling how high cryptocurrency prices could eventually go. The value of these digital currencies will be determined by the market based on the laws of supply and demand. Given their potential for far more widespread use, along with limited supplies, the outlook for cryptocurrency prices may be positive. These currencies are still only in their earliest stages of use, and the years and decades ahead could potentially see sharply higher prices if they really take off.