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    Celebrate “The Beautiful Game” with 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Coins

    Posted on June 21, 2019

    The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup kicked off in France on June 7th with the United States looking to defend its title from the 2015 tournament. As the host nation, France becomes the third European country to host the tournament and the Paris Mint has released a series of collectible silver coins to mark the occasion. With four designs to choose from and the option to purchase commemorative packaging as well, the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Proof Silver Coins are an excellent way to honor the eighth installment of the tournament.

    The 2019 10 Euro FIFA Women’s World Cup Coins

    The Paris Mint issued both silver and gold options in its 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup collection, with the silver coins offering the most variety. Each of the four proof silver coins has its own unique reverse design, but all four share the same obverse design element. For the reverse side of each coin there is a distinctive design capturing the movements and skills of participants in the Women’s World Cup. The available designs include:

    • Volley Coin – The volley design depicts a player striking the ball out of the air.
    • Trick Play Coin – On this coin, a player attempts the rainbow flick trick play where a player rolls the ball up onto the heel of their foot in an effort to flick it over their own head in a rainbow pattern. Done right, the ball goes beyond the opponent in front of you as well.
    • Dribbling Coin – Football, as the sport is known around the world, is a game of no hands. The dribbling design showcases a player’s focus as she controls the ball with her feet.
    • Goalkeeper Coin – In this design, a goalkeeper dives in an attempt to protect her goal.

    This side of the coins includes the FIFA Women’s World Cup trophy on the left side of the design field. The trophy is accompanied by the name of the tournament in French, “Coupe Du Monde Feminine” and the phrase “France 2019.”

    On the right side of the obverse design field, you’ll find the face value of the coins marked as “10€” and the national flags of the four nations to have lifted the Women’s World Cup trophy since its debut in 1991. The US flag is at the top with its championship years of “1991, 1999, 2015” inscribed next to the flag. The Norwegian flag includes their lone title date of “1995.” The German flag appears with their title dates of “2003, 2007.” Japan’s flag is at the bottom of the arch of flags with the date “2011.”

    Availability and Additional Packaging Options

    Each of the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Proof Silver Coins has a face value of 10 Euros issued by the Paris Mint and backed by the government of France. The coins are each initially available with individual protective plastic capsules. There is a limited mintage of only 10,000 coins per design and each one contains 22.2 Grams (.7137 Troy oz) of actual silver content.

    In addition to the protective capsules offered by the Paris Mint, there are two coin display boxes that you can purchase to house either individual coins or the entire set should you purchase all four coins. The individual silver coin box holds one coin and has a colorized sleeve with “France 2019” FIFA Women’s World Cup themes. The four-coin set box has the same colorized sleeve, but can hold each of the four individual coins in the collection.

    History of the Women’s World Cup

    The first international women’s soccer tournament was held in the 1970s, but the tournament was not sanctioned by the sport’s international governing body: FIFA. The first official FIFA Women’s World Cup took place in China in 1991 and the United States emerged victorious from the inaugural tournament. The US Women enter the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France as the defending champions and hope to win back-to-back titles for the first time in US history and the first time since Germany did so in 2003 and 2007.

    The US Women are considered the dominant force of international women’s soccer. In the previous seven Women’s World Cups, the US has appeared in the finals four times and has the most titles with three in total. Additionally, the United States has never finished worse than third in the Women’s World Cup, with victories in the third place games in 1995, 2003, 2007, and a second place finish in 2011 after losing to Japan in the finals.

    Collect All Four FIFA Women’s World Cup Coins with JM Bullion

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