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    Back to the Future Gets a Chibi Makeover

    Posted on July 19, 2021

    Chibi is a popular slang term in Japanese to refer to a specific type of artwork. The term chibi is often associated with cartoon caricatures that offer exaggerated forms that typically consists of small, chubby bodies with oversized heads. Mints are now capitalizing on the popularity of chibi-style artwork by bringing it to life on countless collections of colorized, shaped silver coins. Among those is a collection that started in 2020 with the characters from the Back to the Future franchise. The latest releases from this series are now available to you from JM Bullion!

    Biff Tannen

    On the reverse side of 2021 1 oz Niue Silver Chibi Back to the Future Biff Tannen Shaped Coins is a depiction of the antagonist of the series. Regardless of the film in the trilogy, the Tannen characters are antagonists to the McFly family. In the first film, Biff Tannen is a problem for the elder George McFly. When George’s son Marty McFly went back to the 1950s, he encountered a younger Biff and had to prevent him from getting in the way of Marty’s parents’ meeting in high school. The reverse on this coin captures the colorized, chibi-style image of Biff. He is depicted with his blonde buzz cut and a scowl on his face.

    Jennifer Parker

    The reverse face of the 2021 1 oz Niue Silver Chibi Back to the Future Jennifer Parker Shaped Coins features an image of Marty McFly’s girlfriend. Jennifer Parker is Marty’s high school sweetheart and features in all three films. Her most prominent role comes in the second film as Marty and Jennifer go into the future with Doc Brown to prevent their son from making a huge mistake. In the colorized design on this side, the chibi image of Jennifer Parker shows her with a purchase over her shoulder, a blue jean vest, and fluffed up blonde hair.

    Common Obverse

    For the obverse side of the Niue Silver Chibi Back to the Future Shaped Coins, Queen Elizabeth II is found on all releases. This is the Ian Rank-Broadley design from 1998 that depicts the Queen in right-profile relief with the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara. The coins include inscriptions identifying the monarch, the nation of issue, the date, and the face value of each coin. You will also find the weight, purity, metal content, and trademark and copyright information for the coins.


    All 2021 Niue Silver Chibi Back to the Future Shaped Coins are available to you inside of presentation packaging. The coins arrive in boxes that have chibi artwork on the outside, with the character from that coin featured on the box artwork. The coins in this series are not just colorized with chibi artwork, but also shaped like the individual characters. Each coin has 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver with a face value of $2 dollars backed by Niue. Both coins are limited in mintage to just 888 specimens.

    Back to the Future

    The Back to the Future franchise launched in 1985 with the massively popular first film. In that first film, Marty McFly uses the time machine created by Doc Brown to go back in time to try and prevent Doc’s death at the hands of terrorists that believed they’d be buying plutonium from him. Marty ends up going back to 1955 and nearly ruining his own chances of existing in 1985 by getting between his parents when the two are in high school.

    Start Your Chibi Collection with JM Bullion

    Chibi silver coins are new to JM Bullion and we’re excited to offer a wide range of chibi designs in the weeks ahead. You can start your chibi collection with these exciting Back to the Future Shaped Coins. Our customer service team is available at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address. Please remember to follow us on Facebook and read our weekly blogs for in-depth looks at our new collections.

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