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    Anonymous Mint Releases Bitcoin Guardian Rounds

    Posted on November 17, 2017

    If you pay even cursory attention to Bitcoin, you know that it is in the news a lot right now. The value of Bitcoin has been alternately surging upward and plunging down on differing days of the week. The crypto currency, introduced in 2009, has gained increased popularity on a wider scale in recent years as commercial retailers offer online acceptance of the digital currency. One thing that continues to set Bitcoin apart from other forms of currency is the complete inability to hold it in your hand.

    Should you choose to pay in cash for gasoline, groceries, or a night out on the town over using a credit card or wallet app, you can always go to a bank and get pennies, dimes, quarters, and good old fashioned greenbacks in the US. Want to invest in silver and gold bullion in the physical form over mutual funds backed by precious metals? Well, just so happens we have the American Silver Eagle and American Gold Eagle you could hold in your hand if you like.

    Now you can hold Bitcoin in your hand too. Well, a representation thereof anyway. Anonymous Mint has rolled out a new 3-round set of Bitcoin Guardian Commemorative Rounds for precious metal enthusiasts. The rounds come with two silver options (proof or antique) and a stunning copper round as well. Learn a little about Bitcoin and this new series from Anonymous Mint!

    A Little Background on Bitcoin

    Back in 2008, Bitcoin was first registered by an individual or entity using the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Why do we say “individual or entity?” Well, like the anonymity the currency itself offers, no one is quite sure who’s behind the crypto currency. Either way, by 2009 Bitcoin had been released for the public to use. Here’s a few key tidbits on Bitcoin to keep in mind:

    • It’s the oldest and most highly valued crypto currency out there (there are more than 800 others now though).
    • Bitcoins are created by “miners” who use computers and specialized hardware to process transactions, secure the network the currency trades on, and collect bitcoins in exchange.
    • The first purchase with Bitcoins came in May 2010. What did this individual purchase? Pizza was bought for 10,000 Bitcoins in that transaction.
    • The largest retailers to accept Bitcoins right now are, Expedia, Newegg, and Dish.
    • It may not be government-backed or authorized, but in 2013 the FBI shut down the darknet site known as Silk Road. In the process, the US government became one of the largest holders of Bitcoins after take control of all wallets on the site, one of which held 144,000 Bitcoins alone.

    That’s just the long and short of Bitcoin to date, but there is plenty more to cover at another time. This sets the stage for the beauty in the design of the Anonymous Mint’s Bitcoin Guardian Rounds.

    Bitcoin Guardian Design

    From the exceptionally skilled designers at Anonymous Mint comes a 3-round series known as Bitcoin Guardian. The details in the design on both sides of the round play off the digital nature and existence of the crypto currency. So let’s start with that obverse design in the collection. On the obverse of all three rounds you’ll find the image of the Bitcoin symbol. Similar to the US Dollar ($), with its vertical lines through the letter “S,” the Bitcoin symbol uses a capital “B” that features two vertical lines struck through its center as well.

    Given that Bitcoin is a crypto currency that exists only as computer coding, the entire background field for the design includes a computer code display. Engravings around the outer edge of all three rounds reads “Premier Peer to Peer Crypto Currency” along the top rocker and “Physical Artifact for the Real World” along the bottom rocker of the design field. Flip the round over and you’ll meet the Guardian.

    Other mint designs of Bitcoin-themed rounds have used a blank background or one that features a mint logo instead. Anonymous Mint chose the left-profile portrait of a digital man whose eyes are unleashing a beaming ray of light. Known as the Guardian, this all-seeing figure stands watch over us all to protect our rights against infringement. Along the left-hand field you’ll find an engraving of “Anonymous Mint,” while the right-hand field as an engraving of “.999 Fine Silver” along the right. Of course, the copper rounds in the collection have the copper purity and metal content instead.

    Details on Each Round

    As we’ve mentioned, there are three rounds to choose from when purchasing the Bitcoin Guardian Round. Both silver rounds are available inside of protective plastic capsules and come with edge-lettering that bears an individual serial number. The silver rounds are limited to a mintage of only 3,000 rounds each, and come with a matching Certificate of Authenticity to validate their serial number. The copper rounds are not as limited in production.

    The proof rounds have a typical proof finish you’d expect to find on silver products, offering a contrast between deeply-mirrored, clear fields and those with a strong, frosted finish. The antique rounds have Anonymous Mint’s proprietary antique polish that lends the appearance of ancient coinage to the rounds while helping to draw out and highlight the intricate details of the design field.

    About Anonymous Mint

    The Anonymous Mint is a private American coining company. Anonymous is lead on many of its projects by lead coin designer Julie Lindquist, whose talents have helped Anonymous Mint win great praise among collectors for series such as the Norse God Coins, Alphonse Mucha Collection, and many other projects. The mint focuses on the production of silver and copper products, adhering to the use of limited edition runs and small batches for each design release. In many cases, Anonymous Mint will work with other private mints for the coining operation while handling the creative side in-house.

    Buy Bitcoin Guardian Rounds from JM Bullion

    As with all of our products, JM Bullion is proud to offer the Bitcoin Guardian silver and copper rounds for sale online starting today. These rounds are sure to sell quickly among collectors who prize beautiful designs and those who’d love a chance to own a physical representation of the world’s most famous crypto currency. We’re pleased to note as well that JM Bullion accepts Bitcoin as a payment option for all of your purchases on our website. You’ll even find a Bitcoin price chart on our site to help you track the value of Bitcoin to the USD while you’re shopping.

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