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    A Classic Love Story Debuts in the Medieval Legends Series

    The Medieval Legends Series at JM Bullion marches onward in 2023 with its newest design capturing images from a tale that is nearly 1,000 years old. Based on Celtic legends, the story of Tristan and Isolde is one of forbidden romance that has been told in varying narratives since the 12th century. This latest design in the Medieval Legends Series is notable for its focus on love and its inclusion of two figures in the design element.

    Tristan and Isolde Obverse

    For the obverse design of the new 1 oz Medieval Legends Tristan and Isolde Silver Round, and its copper counterpart, you will find a depiction of the two lovers. This design perfectly captures the power of a forbidden love, one which sees two individuals wholly consumed with one another and without a care for the outside world. In the design, the pair come together in an embrace. A shirtless Tristan kneels down toward his beloved Isolde. In his right hand, he holds an empty bottle of the love potion that drives the passion between the two.

    Relic Reverse

    In the reverse field of Medieval Legends Tristan and Isolde Rounds, the series continues with its setting in a Medieval stone castle. The table in front of the viewer includes a number of relics, each one pointing to a different character to feature in this series, both past and those yet to be released. Here, you will notice the bottle of love potion as a representative of the Tristan and Isolde release.

    Options in the Medieval Legends Series

    As with previous issues in the Medieval Legends Series, you will find the Tristan and Isolde Rounds available in both silver and copper, with both versions boasting a .999 fineness for the metal. The silver and copper rounds are both packaged the same as well, with flips available for individual rounds, tubes for multiples of 20, and boxes for multiples of 500.

    Background on Tristan and Isolde

    On the surface, the tail of Tristan and Isolde is similar in its basic details regardless of the specific narrative you’ve read. According to Celtic legend, Tristan is a Cornish knight and Isolde is an Irish princess. Tristan is sent by his uncle, Cornwall’s King Mark, to escort Isolde back to his kingdom to become his bride. Somewhere along the way, the pair ingest a love potion and become embroiled in an intense, forbidden love affair.

    Add to Your Medieval Legends Series Collection with JM Bullion

    As with previous releases in the Medieval Legends Series, these Tristan and Isolde Rounds will not be available forever. There is no mintage cap in this series, but each design is only available for a few months before production ends to enable the start of production for the next design. Our previous William Tell issue has ended and enjoyed strong support in the silver issue, in particular. You can expect to see the same demand for this beautiful design, so don’t wait! If you have any questions, please contact JM Bullion at 800-276-6508. We are also available to you online using our live chat and email address features. Remember to follow us on social media and keep checking the blog for regular updates on new releases.

    Disclaimer: All Market Updates are provided as a third party analysis and do not necessarily reflect the explicit views of JM Bullion Inc. and should not be construed as financial advice.

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